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: The controlled epitaxial growth of various cuprates, mainly YBCO, was studied on a variety of substrates and orientations. The most significant results were related to: i) the effect of vicinal surfaces on the film growth ; ii) the films specifically grown for microwave applications: a clear correlation was demonstrated between the surface resistance, the losses and the concentration of high-angle grain boundaries ; iii) the effect of film-substrate interdiffusion and its control by epitaxial buffer layer.

YBCO was the first material to become superconducting above 77 K, ..

Furthermore, VAN/YBCO mulitlayers are also successfully grown for effective pinning enhancement.

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These molecular layered materials are synthesized using . Thus far, YBCO layered with alkylamines,arylamines, and thiols have been produced with varying stability ofthe molecular layer. It has been proposed that amines act as Lewisbases and bind to Lewis acidic Cu surface sites inYBa2Cu3O7 to form stablecoordination bonds.

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In this range of frequencies, the dominant thermal parameter is the film - substrate boundary resistance and YBCO film`s thermal conductance and capacitance cannot be further modeled as the lumped circuit elements.

The nanotube pores were generated by depositing YBCO films on vicinal SrTiO3 (STO) substrates.

were produced for the purpose of thesis.

Let it never been said that the YBCO saga is short on irony. After describing on page 41 that strontium had been an “obvious choice” to replace its next larger sibling barium, Hazen proceeds to offer an excellent description of the basic thinking no doubt going on at the same time in every other superconductor lab on the planet, concluding (page 49, my emphasis) with:

Fabrication of Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7−xThin …

Hazen next describes discussions with members of the Houston Lab, including coauthors on the original YBCO paper (Li Gao, Pei-Herng Hor, Zhi-Jun Huang, Ru-Ling Meng, and Ya-Qin Wang), some listed in the acknowledgments of that paper (Jeffrey Bechtold, the person running the “first tests” in the program to be revisited shortly), and others (Ken Forster, Theresa Lambert, and Simon Moss).

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Superconducting Order Parameter Fluctuation in …

As a point of reference for the examination of J-31, consider a good magnetic susceptibility test. The example I will use is taken from Figure 2 on the page marked 909 in the original YBCO paper. An image of the chart appears here:

Email from Daniel Shultz recounting his memories of the events leading up to the YBCO Discovery.

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In this work, two types of strong pinning centers with negligible effect on the Tc and low field Jc were incorporated in YBCO films via strain engineering on the nanoscale.

Magnetic susceptibility test results on one of the earliest YBCO samples. As appearing in .

Investigations on superconducting magnetic shields …

A piece in magazine from a year earlier might have previewed this drift towards a timeline where YBCO results were supposedly achieved prior to the 12 January patent application (and certainly simplifying “reduction to practice” arguments). In the article, Michael Lemonick writes: