The Vilification of Enemy Leadership in WWII

Before we leave the area of Hitler’s groin, we should point out that during WWII, British soldiers often sang a song entitled “Hitler has only got one ball” to the tune of the Colonel Bogey song from It appears the song might have been a self-fulfilling prophecy. At the end of WWII, the Soviets autopsied Hitler’s burnt body and claimed that they found just one testicle. Recently, more evidence has emerged that Adolf Hitler really did suffer from an undescended testicle. A German historian claims that in 1923, Hitler was examined by a prison doctor after his arrest following the failure of the Munich Beer Hall Putsch. Those medical records clearly show that Hitler had an undescended testicle on the right side, according to Professor Peter Fleischmann of Erlangen-Nuremberg University. The records were lost for decades before resurfacing in 2010, when they were confiscated by the Bavarian authorities. They were finally studied in depth in 2015.

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This WWII Japanese leaflet used in depicts President Roosevelt killing and bleeding the Chinese people while their women and starving children look on.

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The Italian fascists also prepared propaganda parodies attacking Roosevelt and Churchill during WWII. This image was originally designed by Gino Boccasile as a 1944 postcard and depicted “pistol-packing” Churchill and Roosevelt over city wreckage and dead children with a pirate flag in the background. The title of the card was “ which can be translated as “The fault falls on them.” The image was later used on a wall poster.

This group of enlisted men became some of the most decorated American soldiers of WWII for their bravery and valor (Takaki, 1987).

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During WWII, Verona was a hotbed of Axis propaganda. Many of the German and Italian PSYOP items were printed there. Apparently, after the fall of the Fascist government in the Allies used the same printing plant.

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For many years prior to WWII various venders made and sold puzzles to children. These puzzles had a number of different pictures on the front, and when folded in a special complex way depicted a hidden picture of an old man, or sometimes a political leader, sports figure or movie star.

So, In many ways WWII was a hardship for women but it also was where a lot of women gained their independence.

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During WWII the British Special Operations executive is believed to have produced a number of different puzzles showing four pigs on the front, that when folded depicted the face of Adolf Hitler. At least four types of the pig puzzle are known, and it is believed that besides being used in Allied countries as a morale booster, they were also shipped to partisans in Nazi-occupied nations to attack and belittle the German Führer.

- Research papers on Post War International Politics focus on the political posturing that was necessary after WWII.

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One of the results of the anti-Japanese sentiments in Hawaii and the enlistment of large numbers of second-generation Japanese-American men during WWII was a rapid shift of language use in the community from bilingualism in Japanese and HCE or English to monolingualism in English.

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The British were careful in WWII to attack the Nazi Party leaders and claim that they had betrayed the beloved Führer. In general the theory is that attacking a leader infuriates his people and stiffens their will to resist. As a result, leaders are not targeted for ridicule. In this article we will illustrate those wonderful exceptions to the rule.