A paper read before the Maryland historical society, June 14th, 1886.

On the basis of this presentation, US national guidelines for when dietary treatment for PKU should begin changed from by 14-21 days of age to “as soon as possible, and no later than 7-10 days after birth.”

"Register of Peter Force papers in the Library of Congress".

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by Jared Sparks, The writings of George Washington...

—. “The Catalogue: A Late Middle English Lollard Genre?” Discourse Perspectives on English, Medieval to Modern. Ed. R. Hiltunen and J. Skaffari. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2003. 105-135. [Most research on Lollard writings has been targeted at the Wycliffite Bible, the sermons, to the detriment of shorter treatises. Peikola examines one form of tract, the catalogue, listing 22 different catalogues, discussing their structure, lexical markings, types, audiences, and their similarities to scholastic, judicial, and legislative textual practices. The catalogue is one apparent instance of the vernacularization of Latinate textual practice by Lollard writers.]

The Writings of George Washington, compiled by Worthington C.

Throughout economic history, the demand for money balances—what was later called “liquidity preference”—acted as such a stabilizer. In sharp cyclical downturns, commodity prices fell, often drastically so. The real value of money balances in the hands of consumers and merchants rose accordingly, exceeding the proportion of their wealth they would normally wish to hold in cash form. Consequently, when they no longer expected prices to fall much further, they started to spend money to reduce their cash balances. The total quantity of coin and liquid paper money being broadly given, they could not reduce its nominal amount, but its value in real terms was reduced as the higher spending led to higher commodity prices as well as to greater income and wealth, until the real value of money balances again became equal to the real amount demanded.

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French unemployment for the under-twenty-five age group is 23 percent compared with an average of under 10 percent. French labor law is among the most elaborate in the world. As I write this, it is 2,632 pages long and is growing longer almost by the hour. It is aimed at ever tighter job protection. Laying off employees has become very difficult. It can be prohibitively expensive and may involve batteries of labor lawyers litigating endlessly while the employees in question draw their salaries. The obvious result is that business fears the risk of getting caught with labor it no longer wants. Firms are reluctant to hire anyone, let alone the untried and untrained young. To get round this, the government has just amended the labor law, which permits employers to dismiss under-twenty-five-year-old workers (who have not been previously employed) without specific justification during a two-year period, though with normal notice and fairly generous compensation. Not unreasonably, the government argues that even if the young employee is not retained beyond two years, she will have gained work experience, learned the habit of getting up in the morning, and become more employable. In any event, two years in an insecure job is better than the mortal boredom of idleness. It is against this relaxation of the labor code that French youth is now stamping their feet and shouting “boo!”

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It would be almost comforting to believe that public choice has got it right, for rational calculation, however selfish and cynical, is not quite so frightening as sheer stupidity. Looking around him, however, this writer strongly feels that what has brought France to her present pass and what is stirring up the current minirevolt of the young is not rational calculation, but, well, the other thing.

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—. “Platonic Ideas and ‘Hussite’ Philosophy.” David R. Holeton, ed. The Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice, vol. 1. Papers from the 17th World Congress of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences. Prague: Academic of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Main Library, 1994. 13-18.

A Paper read before the Maryland Historical Society,November 14th, 1892.

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Niezen, R.W. “Hot Literacy in Cold Societies: A Comparative Study of the Sacred Power of Writing.” Comparative Studies in Society and History 33 (1991): 225-54.