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Keeping track of related work in your field is key to writing a good thesis, especially for writing a good PhD thesis. This tasks entails knowing about the relevant studies, results, facts, and ideas in your field. Keep in mind that by the end of your literature review for your PhD thesis you will have read or at least skimmed through hundreds of papers and books. Without using tools, you must be a genius to remember every interesting fact and idea you have read. Before the computer-age, academics relied on index cards, (post it) notes, highlighting pens, indices, etc. With computers, and especially mind mapping software, new possibilities evolved. In this part of the tutorial we explain how use academic search engines to find relevant literature. Then we show you how to create summaries of your PDFs using bookmarks and how to keep an overview of all important information in a mind map. By the end of this part, your mind map will contain literally all information that you have considered to be important. Whenever you want to know something, you can look it up in your mind map, and read about it in more detail by clicking on the link to the PDF.

Write figure captions for the plots and tables.

Once you begin researching and writing your thesis, you must register for HIST 6398.

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eventually it`s up to you. if you have just a “small project”, e.g. a bachelor or master`s thesis you could do everything in a single mind map. if you have a larger project (e.g. a phd and several additional papers) you might want to use two mind maps. one for the literature management and one for each paper. and yes, you can just copy nodes (and bookmarks) between mind maps and reference information will be kept.

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Take your format into consideration when correcting any errors. If you’ve checked your thesis but want it more thoroughly scrutinized, send it to an academic writing service. Professionals will surely spot all mistakes.

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The Master’s thesis topic is valid for one year from the date of approval. If the topic expires before the thesis is ready, the student can apply for re-approval of the same thesis topic from the degree programme committee.

Your thesis should be clearly written and in the format described below.

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It’s possible to apply for thesis topic approval when the Bachelor’s degree and at least 45 credits from the Master’s degree have been completed. If the student has not yet submitted a personal study plan for the Master’s degree, it must be submitted at this point, at the latest. The thesis topic and the completed thesis cannot be approved in the same committee meeting. The Bachelor of Science degree must also be approved (graduation date already passed) before the date of the committee meeting where the Master’s thesis topic approval application is processed. Schedule:

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Master’s thesis is a 30-credit research project carried out independently by the student and it forms a part of the master’s degree. In the master’s thesis, students usually research a topic related to their major, i.e., the field where they completed their advanced studies in. The purpose of the thesis is to prove that the student has acquired the level of maturity that is required for a higher university degree. In other words, students are required to prove that they master their majors and the methods of research in their respective fields, and are also capable of carrying out an academic research project in an independent and mature way. The work can also be done as a part of a thesis seminar.

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Before filling in then application you must agree on the topic with the supervising professor. The supervisor's written agreement must be attached to the attachment form of this application. Examples of a written agreement include an email conversation, signed memo from the thesis meeting or other written agreement.