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We are being bombarded by the jackasses and have been for the last week. Not one day passes devastation is not sprayed on us. Their coming in from west which would be for most part Arizona state, and more than likely California state. From the east the spraying is non stop which some could be from military base Clovis, N.M. is one close in state. Oklahoma state and further east where these flights are coming is the other direction, who knows, huh? They fly from North which Albuquerque, N.M. has military base there, and from South which San Antonio, Tx. has one I believe, unless closed now (Lackland-Airforce). El Paso, Tx. is right over state line has another military base-Ft. Bliss. The rest of these lowlifes must be commercial airline and private corporation, yeah? Lord be with you…Satan and its worshippers are on the loose! Our skies are super messed up with masses of chemtrail spraying! SAG…..Peace^^^^^

The Chemical Equation of Photosynthesis

worded equation of cellular respiration.

chemical equation of photosynthesis

Hello, Charles, about your pilot friend, I would say that he is well aware of how long his leash is. He knows to speak of climate engineering (the “chemtrails” term is harmful to the credibility of our cause) would be a very bad carreer decision at minimum. About the rest of your questions, the equation is complex, there are many layers. Hope you will continue to investigate this dire issue.

worded equation for photosynthesis?

Dane, I had asked my long time neighbor, an airline pilot, about "chemtrails" and he adamantly denies anything such, so I delayed research. Now I see this site and all that you have to say. Do pilots really not know of this geoengineering or are they privy? Are the elements/compounds put into the fuel, or a separate applicator? In the why category, could this not be part of the UN's agenda 21 (or 30) which calls for a reduction of worldwide population by 95%. Your vid is from 2014 and it just got renewed exposure, glad I saw it. Thx, C

i need to write the overall equation for the process of photosynthesis
Balanced chemical equations provide a significant amount of information

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They fly too high for the hunters to shoot. Also, if any of these planes were to be downed, news headlines would be, “Lunatic Terrorist shoots down commercial airliner filled with families and children traveling for the Christmas Holidays.”

There are about 8,000 gas stations offering ethanol free gasoline and only about 1,200 offering E85

See the balanced overall chemical reaction for photosynthesis.

God bless you all. It does the heart good to read these comments from countless aware and committed people. Having been one of those who has followed the spraying for over 20 years at least, and feeling so sad at the denial/apathy/coverups and almost losing hope, I renew each time I hear/read Dane and these comments from the hearts of so many. Here in La Jolla we have some days of blue skies that seem normal, and then out of nowhere comes the most gigantic chemtrail that seems to take up half the sky. (Where do they get the planes to spray these giant things?) Kind of terrifying. And the rainclouds gather often and turn the air humid and the sky dark, and not one drop of rain. I can tell they are hiding their manipulations behind the rainclouds; it becomes obvious after a while. Praying daily for miracles and circulating the videos from Dane whenever possible to as many as possible. Mother Earth and the Weather systems are trying so hard to be normal….we cannot ever give up. Thank you Dane and all of you with such great hearts.

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Answer Yes, they are nearly the exact opposite

Thanks for this detox recipe. I have Multiple Sclerosis and my research shows part of the MS equation, at least to lower severity, is Chelation therapy (recipes)
so I again thank you for your post.