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Once the pigments are made, they have to be transported to thehair. The pigment particles, called granules, are synthesized inlittle vesicles called melanosomes, which are transported via thedendrites of the melanocyte to the shaft of the growing hair. Thetransport is actually really neat... melanosomes are carried bylittle molecular feet (myosin 5, an actin dependent motor protein)along little branching molecular "ladders" (actin filaments)contained in projections off the melanocyte (dendrites) to the cell'sedge. If this transportation system is affected, transport to thecell edge isn't normal.

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but they provide the blueprint in the form of RNA, which directs the protein synthesis.

site of protein synthesis in a plant cell

Eukaryotic cells are cells with a nucleus. The nucleus is an organelle that is surrounded by a double membrane called the nuclear envelope. The nuclear envelope separates the contents of the nucleus from the rest of the cell. Eukaryotic cells also have a (plasma membrane), , , and various cellular organelles. Animals, plants, fungi, and protists are examples of eukaryotic organisms. Animal and plant cells contain many of the same kinds or organelles. There are also certain organelles found in plant cells that are not found in animal cells and vice versa. Examples of organelles found in and include:

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Eukaryotes include animals, plants, fungi, and protozoan and have very different cell structures, bigger and with internal membrane bound structures (organelles).

At this point, the outcome of the new protein is left to be determined by the other organelles in the cell.
This rotavirus takes over in the human digestive tract, invading its cells and hijacking its protein synthesis machinery.

Protein, Organelle, and Cell Turnover Processes

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Protein Synthesis in the Cell and the Central Dogma Go to Plant Reproduction Growth Cycles:.What is the site of protein synthesis in plant cells?

to the cytoplasm where they are involced in Protein Synthesis

Similar to TnaC described above, the peptide SecM exists solely to stallthe ribosome synthesizing it. But unlike TnaC, which also requires thepresence of high levels of trytophan, SecM has an intrinsic stallingcapability. Stalling of the ribosome synthesizing SecM provides time fora downstream RNA helix on the same mRNA strand to unwind. Unwinding ofthis helix then allows for a new ribosome to bind and synthesize anew protein, SecA, a bacterial ATP-driven translocase that aids the passage ofnascent proteins across membranes in conjunction with SecY (see also ). When sufficient levels of SecA have been reached,SecA interacts with the SecM-stalled ribosome to pull on SecM, freeingit and allowing translation to resume (illustrated schematically inFig. 13). SecM, which serves no otherpurpose than to stall the ribosome, is released into the cell anddegraded.

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