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Redi's case shows us the power of experimentation in the rhetoric of the 1600s -- trusting the senses, in a way even more pure and true than the knowledge of the Scholastics. Redi and colleagues argued that Reason was informed by the Senses, agreeing with the Scholastics that knowledge starts with common sense observation. The new philosophers thought the Scholastics had been misled, however, by excessive dependence on philosophical reasoning without constraint by observation; they are led "astray" into "hasty and faulty verdict." What is needed is more than merely "a superficial report of the senses." Redi also is taking up Galileo's challenge, to extend the senses by instruments and measurement and experiment. The microscope is valuable in this regard for examining insects, but Redi's even more powerful observing is made by controlling circumstances in order to be able to see what is true and what is myth or mere tradition.

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Redi's hypothesis for this experiment was "
maggots only appeared in the flasks that were uncovered and where the flies could reach the meat to lay their eggs."
How did both of their experiments be successful?
The experiments that the scientists followed a method.

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Communicate with OthersCovered JarUncovered JarGauze Covered JarIn the end of Redi's experiment, his hypothesis was correct.
What was Redi' s hypothesis?

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The experiments did have great impact in discussions of generation. But Redi's concern was not only (or not even specifically) spontaneous generation theory. He should be seen in a broader context of correction, via observation and experiment, and new explanations. The text has another 100 pages, much of it devoted to point by point demolishing of claims made in ancient texts about insect reproduction, physiology, behavior, and lives. It reminds us to pay serious attention to the need in the 17th century to clear away a great deal of erroneous, supposedly observed knowledge. As Redi noted with the book's epigram, an Arabic proverb --

02/01/2018 · Dr. Redi's hypothesis was that living things DO NOT come from non-living things. He disproved spontaneous generation.

Galileo’s twin: Francesco Redi and controlled experiments

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Redi's Problem Where do maggots come from? Hypothesis: Maggots come from flies. Redi put meat into three separate jars. Jar 1 was left open

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Therefore, the null hypothesis for Redi's experiment was that, under the prevailing environmental conditions in which the flasks were placed, adult flies were not necessary for young flies to appear on the meat.