So what do we know about the solar wind?

The electric sun hypothesis attempts to replace nuclear fusion, seen bystandard science as the sun's basic power source, and replace it withan alternative.

What would happen as you approach the sun?

For many reasons, Avogadro's hypothesis was ignored for about 50 years.

So what maintains the loopmagnetic field?

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The property inquestion is simply that what we measure as an electron neutrino is actually a particlewhich exists in a mixture of particle states, with a certain probability at any time,of being one or the other kind of neutrino.

They are designed to detectelectron neutrinos, which is what all stellar nuclear reactions create.

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Here, Scott quotes Juergens:

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Again, to quote Juergens: "Many facile assertions to the contrary, it becomes increasinglyobvious that photospheric granulation is explainable in terms of convection only if wedisregard what we know about convection.

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Having already shown that the criticisms of standardscience are invalid, I will now show that the claims for the "electricsun" hypothesis are equally invalid.

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That, combinedwith the habitually poor approach to physics adopted for the electric-sunhypothesis, makes it a thoroughly unacceptable substitute for the standard physicaltheory of the structure and evolution of the sun.

What about heat input dueto collapsing magnetic flux tubes at convective cell boundaries?

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What Scott is talking about here is helioseismology, and theone paper he cites (wrongly, as we shall see) dates from the early days of helioseismology.

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They are also consistent with a model wherein the Sun is an iso densesphere of gas that supports, on its outer surface, an electric arc discharge powered externally,electrically.
End QuoteA most amazing interpretation of the paper by Christensen-Dalsgaard & Gough, which in factsays exactly the opposite from what Scott says it says!

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The fact that physicists have not produced a final answer to the question "Whatheats the corona?" does not mean that they cannot ever answer it, as Scottwould have you believe.