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Classwork State the role of the different structures in the process of photosynthesis
Phloem How are the different materials transported?

The raw materials of photosynthesis, ..

Water enters the root and is transported up to the leaves through specialized plant ..

which is the structural material of the cell wall surrounding ..

Water reaches sites of photosynthesis via the xylem after entering the plant from the soil through the roots. Carbon dioxide, the other raw material for photosynthesis, enters the leaf tissue through the stomata from the atmosphere. Oxygen, released from the cells during photosynthesis, escapes through the stomata.

The raw materials needed for photosynthesis include ..

When we look at a maize field we are actually seeing thousands of efficient plant “factories” that produce energy through photosynthesis. The raw materials for the factories (plants) are water and mineral nutrients from the soil and carbon dioxide and oxygen from the atmosphere.

The following raw materials are required for photosynthesis: • The raw material CO 2 enters from the atmosphere through stomata
The raw materials of photosynthesis that enters the leaf through the stomates or stomata is H2O or water.

short-day plant---day-neutral plant---stomata ..

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Carbon Dioxide is required as a raw material for the ..

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