Logic System, Data Types, and Operators for Modeling in Verilog HDL.

This Verilog tutorial was started a long time ago. Every time I update my web page, I make sure I add something new in the Verilog tutorial section. If you have been a frequent visitor, you should have noticed how these tutorial pages have improved. I hope some day this Verilog tutorial becomes a reference for all the engineers out there. Of course, new learners will always find this tutorial useful. All the examples have been simulated using Icarus Verilog simulator. Currently this website is getting more than 1 million hits every month.

Verilog HDL: A Guide to Digital Design and Synthesis4.

We will see a typical design flow with a large example in the last chapter of Verilog tutorial.

Logic Synthesis with Verilog HDL.

Verilog is both a scripting language and a HDL (hardware description language). The scripting component is often used to write testbenches to verify the HDL or (in limited cases) as a metaprogramming language to generate HDL from input parameters. One thing that confuses newcomers is that almost every Verilog tutorial starts out teaching you about the scripting parts of the language. It can act like a simple, imperative, sequential programming language. You can do loops and print results. Almost all of that is irrelevant when you are restricted to the synthesizable subset of Verilog which can be used as an HDL. If someone asks you if you've done Verilog synthesis they are probably trying to distinguish whether you have taken any Verilog designs all the way to actual hardware. Having done so would demonstrate that you understand how to use Verilog as an HDL. If you have only done simulation you may be relying on language features that are not synthesizable and thus not usable in real hardware.

Example of Sequential Circuit Synthesis.

The synopsis is that synthesis transforms high level verilog/vhdl constructs, which don't have real physical hardware that can be wired up to do your logic, into low level logical constructs which can be literally modeled in the form of transistor logic or or other FPGA or ASIC hardware components.

Verilog HDL: A Guide to Digital Design and SynthesisFigure 5-9 Waveforms for Delay Simulafion1.

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“Thisbook is unique in its breadth ofinformation on Verilog and Verilog-relatedtopics. It is fullycompliant with the IEEE 1364-2001 standard, contains alltheinformation that you need on the basics, and devotes severalchapters toadvanced topics such as verification, PLI, synthesis andmodelingtechniques.”

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Verilog HDL Synthesis: A Practical Primer by J

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VerilogHDL Synthesis.

Open Source Verilog HDL Synthesis with Yosys Teil 2 - …

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Using Verilog for Synthesis.

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This workshop is for digital engineers who will be designing with Verilog and SystemVerilog. Students will be immediately productive with using Verilog and SystemVerilog for modeling, simulation and synthesis. Both new Verilog/SystemVerilog users, as well as those who are familiar with Verilog/SystemVerilog and desire a more in-depth knowledge of the language, will benefit from this course.