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Fields medalist , who somecommentators have suggested is the most likely candidate for a proof of the Riemann hypothesis, has also linked the distributionof primes to a spontaneous symmetry-breaking, albeit of a differentkind, in the article [BC] mentioned above.

Equivalent forms of the Grand Riemann Hypothesis

The possible relevance of the convexity of $V'$ to the Riemann hypothesis is discussed.

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This logical structure and foundations may be extended into quite mysterious ranges, such as has been done with infinite arithmetic, complex numbers, and ultimately with the Riemann Hypothesis itself, but I believe we are still in the world of logical mathematics when this extension is being made, perhaps paradoxical logic, but the solution of mathematical problems requires bona-fide mathematics, in my opinion...

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Yet in the process of learning significance tests, we have that natural interest beaten down, and what we come to report and discuss about research are the nearly sterile and often misleading results of hypothesis testing, often mixed with misconceptions. There are prominent voices that for some time have been advocating a change.

Also of possible interest here are Castro and Mahecha's preprints [CM] and [C] linking the Riemann hypothesis to -adic fractal strings and p.

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In this note, starting from a very simple model of one-dimensional lattice gas and using the concept of equilibrium states as being described by Gibbs measures, we link classical statistical mechanics to the Riemann Hypothesis." L.

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Vericat, "A lattice gas of prime numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis" (preprint 11/2012)[abstract:] "In recent years there has been some interest in applying ideas and methods taken from Physics in order to approach several challenging mathematical problems, particularly the Riemann Hypothesis, perhaps motived by the apparent inaccessibility to their solution from a full rigorous mathematical point of view.

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The first model we consider is the Fibonacci lattice, which is a paradigmatic model of quasicrystals; the second is the Riemann lattice, which we define inspired by Dyson's proposal on the possible connection between the Riemann hypothesis and a suitably defined quasicrystal.

However, there is a real-lineversion of the Riemann hypothesis that lies very close to the mode-locking problem...

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De Moivre; he knows these things better than I do."

Brook Taylor invented integration by parts, developed what is nowcalled the calculus of finite differences, developeda new method to compute logarithms, made several other key discoveriesof analysis, and did significant work in mathematical physics.

Selberg is also famous forground-breaking work on Riemann's Hypothesis, andthe first

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Here we choose a particular number theoretical function, the Riemann zeta function and examine its influence in the realm of physics and also how physics may be suggestive for the resolution of one of mathematics' most famous unconfirmed conjectures, the Riemann Hypothesis.

We formulate Riemann hypothesis (RH) as a property of the low temperature Kubo-Martin-Schwinger (KMS) states of this theory.

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McGuigan, "Riemann Hypothesis and short distance fermionic Green's functions" (preprint 04/05)[abstract:] "We show that the Green's function of a two dimensional fermion with a modified dispersion relation and short distance parameter a is given by the Lerch zeta function.