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Some examples of common measures for receptive vocabulary include The Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (Dunn & Dunn, 1981) and the Receptive One-Word Picture Vocabulary Test (Gardner, 1985).

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The task involved a self-paced, blind aiming movement to a target that was located 80 mm from a predefined start location. The movement direction was away from the midline of the body (sternum) in the sagittal plane. Participants used their nondominant hand to perform the movement, and they were told to complete the movement with one smooth, continuous motion. All movements were made with a penshaped stylus that could be moved freely to the target location on an electronic CalComp (GTCO CalComp, Inc., Columbia, MD) Drawing Board II, Model 33180. A thin piece of rubber tubing (spring) that was attached to the table on which the drawing board was located was fixed to the stylus. The spring had a pull of approximately 0 g at the start location and 575 g at the target location. The spring was linear within the range of movements made by participants, and repeated testing revealed that its characteristics did not change across the experiment. The endpoint location of each movement was recorded by the drawing board and relayed directly to an IBM PC computer. A 30-cm-high table was placed above the drawing board, and the participant was positioned such that the table was directly below his or her chin. The table served two purposes: It occluded vision of the whole arm and the drawing board, and it supported an IBM color monitor that was placed directly in front of the participants’ field of vision, approximately 1 m away. The computer controlled the entire experiment.

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Many researchers have questioned the validity of Asperger's syndrome as a distinct diagnostic entity apart from autism (Semrud-Clikeman & Hynd, 1990; Wing, 1991).

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Thus, psychological tools are not invented by the individualin isolation. They are products of sociocultural evolution towhich individuals have access by being actively engaged in thepractices of their communities. In a recent article, Wertsch (1994)elaborates on the centrality of mediation in understanding Vygotsky'scontributions to psychology and education.

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The intrinsic feedback sources were identified from semistructured post hoc interviews of participants who had performed the same task in the Anderson et al. () experiment. In the present experiment, the participants checked the sources of intrinsic feedback on a sheet of paper and then wrote their answer to the second question on the same sheet. That procedure usually took less than 5 min. It must be acknowledged that one cannot determine the reliability of participants’ answers when the questions are asked only at the end of the experiment. However, that limitation was deemed acceptable relative to the more serious threat to the validity of the study that would have occurred had we also asked the learners about their intrinsic feedback usage during acquisition or before the retention trials. In other words, there was a high probability of biasing the learner’s attention to certain sources of intrinsic feedback or modifying the way in which they used intrinsic feedback, once we had asked our questions. With respect to internal validity, it must also be acknowledged that there was no way to independently verify that participants actually noticed and used the sources of intrinsic feedback that they reported to the experimenter.

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Examples of these types of impairment can be found on haptic discrimination tasks and other specific neuropsychological tasks, such as Tactile Form Recognition or Fingertip Number Writing from the Halstead-Reitan Neuropsychological Test Battery (Reitan, 1979).

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The acquisition of language provides another example of a socialsource of development. Zukow-Goldring and Ferko (1994) and otherresearchers have shown the close relationship between promotingshared attention between beginning speakers and their caregiversand the emergence of the lexicon. Contemporary research supportsthe sociocultural claim that the relationship between individualsforms a basis for cognitive and linguistic mastery. This process,whether in the classroom or elsewhere, includes transmission,construction, transaction, and transformation in a continuing,complex interplay.

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All participants first learned the steering task in a training session without any haptic guidance (Fig. ). Performance gradually improved over the 15 training trials of this training session, leveling to a near constant value, for both old and young participants. However, older participants performed systematically worse than younger participants (Fig. , P compares example trajectories created by younger and older participants at trial 15. Large oscillations exhibited by older participants when leaving the curves contributed to poorer performance when following straight lines.