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Our results are contradictory with our hypothesis, based on our statistical results. There were several problems with our experiment that could have been taken into consideration. First, when taking respiration rates the foil wasn’t covering the chamber all the way letting some external light in. Second, the colored cellophane only allows approximately 70% of light through; this might have prevented the plant from absorbing the amount of light energy needed to have a significant photosynthetic rate. Third, the fast paced moving between trials lost time and efficiency. By having short trials (2.5 min.) we might not have allowed the plant enough time to adjust its photosynthetic rate to the different wavelengths of light energy. Plus by moving the plant, and switching from cellophane to foil (or vise versa), might have screwed up the photosynthetic cycle by exposing it to white light.

Effect of different colors of light on the rate of photosynthesis.

Effects of different colors of light on the photosynthesis rate.

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Although i would like to gather a bit more student related data. This infographic is a lot more specific to what I’m looking at, this gives me some good statistics of home much students drink on nights out, and how much they spend, these are to areas i looked at during the start of my project. Both of these last infographs look at some of the consequences of drinking, both long term and short term, i would like to incorporate this into my work but again stick to just the student areas.Rank University Average units drunk per student per week
1 Leeds Metropolitan University 26.7
2 University of Liverpool 26.6
3 University of Wales Institute, Cardiff 26.1
4 Bath Spa University 24.9
5 University of Glamorgan 22.2
6 University of Bath 21.9
7 University of Brighton 21.9
8 Buckinghamshire New University 21.5
9 Newcastle University 21.2)
10 De Montfort University 21.0
12 University of Exeter 20.8
13 University of Sheffield 20.8
14 University of Strathclyde 20.7
15 Loughborough University 20.4
16 Cardiff University 20.3)
17 Birmingham City University 20.3
18 Nottingham Trent University 20.3
19 Aston University 20.3
20 Lancaster University 20.2
21 University of York 20.1
22 University of Manchester 20.1
23 University of East Anglia 19.8
24 Swansea University 19.8
25 Bournemouth University 19.8
26 Glasgow Caledonian University 19.1
27 University of Huddersfield 19.0
28 Aberystwyth University 18.7
29 University of Hull 18.5
30 University of Plymouth 18.5
31 Northumbria University 18.4
32 University of the West of England 18.3
33 University of Wales, Newport 18.2
34 University of Portsmouth 18.0
35 University of Leeds 17.8
36 Liverpool John Moores University 17.5
37 University of Birmingham 17.3
38 University of Edinburgh 17.2
39 Anglia Ruskin University 17.1
40 University of Kent 17.1
41 Oxford Brookes University 17.0
42 University of Sussex 16.9
43 University of Southampton 16.9
44 University of Dundee 16.8
45 Durham University 16.5
46 University of Nottingham 16.5
47 University of Essex 16.3
48 University of Aberdeen 15.8
49 University College London 15.6
50 Coventry University 15.1
51 University of Cambridge 14.7
52 University of Warwick 14.7
53 University of Surrey 14.7
54 University of Bristol 14.6
55 University of Lincoln 14.4
56 King’s College London 14.3
57 University of Leicester 14.3
58 Bangor University 13.9
59 University of Oxford 13.8
60 University of Central Lancashire 13.0
61 University of Winchester 12.6
62 University of Glasgow 12.6
63 Manchester Metropolitan University 12.6
64 Imperial College London 12.0
65 University of Gloucestershire 12.0
66 Kingston University 10.6
67 University of Hertfordshire 8.9
68 University of Salford 5.9Here we have the 2012 student drinking league, this shows how much alcohol per student in a week is consumed on average.

The Effect of Darkness on Photosynthesis

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coli Promotion of Photosynthesis in ChloroplastThe effects of the intensity of light on the rate of photosynthesis in plants.
Whatever he does, he is awake and conscious and sleep does not erase the agony of the inactivity of 14 hours of total darkness.

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The Effect of the Type of Soil on the Amount of Chlorophyll in Bean PlantsThe Effects of Wavelengths of Light on Plant Food ProductionEffect of different colors of light on the growth of plants Do plants need sunlight to be green?

Light and dark reactions in photosynthesis Photosynthesis is divided into two parts: 1

How Light Intensity Affects Photosynthetic Rate

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