Radar is an example of an active remote sensing device.

This study answered the research question, “What are some primary factors associated with new members of the last 10 years (2005-2015) joining Grace Christian Church of the Philippines?” The research examined the three factors of Pulpit Ministry, Culture Change, and Vision as primary factors of church growth.

An example of this is the definite article in Arabic.

Krashen's theory of second language acquisition consists of five main hypotheses:

These elements tend to strongly support the Kurgan hypothesis.

A questionnaire was developed that sought to assess the current state of ministry to and with Hispanics specifically in the Evangelical Free Church of America.

Sons have hungry eyes for men who are great examples of manhood.

The researcher seeks to answer the question: what can be done to encourage the development of a leader's heart, so that he or she becomes more useful, effective, and productive in God's administration of the world?

An example of the former change often occurs in the English phrase has to .

The hypothesis was proven correct.

Five elements presented as the hypothesis were: an effective evangelism, enthusiastic and genuine worship, a solid program of assimilation, cell groups, and a dynmaic leadership.

The hypothesis was not proven to be true.

The hypothesis of this author was that Discipleship for Leadership wil prove to be a valuable tool in developing future leaders for Waukegan Community Church.

Language Learning and Teaching: Krashen's Input Hypothesis

The author administered Natural Development Survey Questionnaire to thirty active church members to evaluate the eight quality characteristics of the growing churches.

The Limestone Assimilation Hypothesis - …

Chapter four addresses the second and third hypotheses, discovering misallocated resources and reallocating them to better accomplish the goals of the church.

An example of the latter change can be seen in French: as (ace) , as de pique (ace of spades) .

The investigation proved that the hypothesis was correct.

Robert Erza Park (1864-1944), one of the first American sociologists and scholars to focus on ethnic relations, is considered a founding father of early assimilation theories, although his take on assimilation can be traced to the works of earlier social scientists, such as Herbert Spencer, Hermann Schneider, William Sumner, Franz Boas, and Ruth Benedict, among others. Indeed it was Herbert Spencer’s analysis and explanation of how larger societies capture and integrate other peripheral cultures and societies into their own, often forcing them to adapt to the larger and more powerful society’s normative climate and values, that enticed Park into thinking more about the role race and ethnicity played in the larger equation. Other influential scholars who helped to shape Park’s sociological imagination were John Dewey, George Simmel, and Booker T. Washington.

Birdsong (Ed) Second Language Acquisition and the Critical Period Hypothesis.

The measuring instruments validated this hypothesis.

The conclusion of the research supported the hypothesis that husbands/fathers who demonstrate the principles taught by Jesus in transforming Christian leadership have healthier relationships than those who do not.

The survey was constructed around four hypotheses related to the concept of calling.

With this qualification, the hypothesis was affirmed.

Chapter three addresses the first hypothesis, revealing the current allocation of manpower, finances, space, and programming resources at Oakwood Community Church.