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It is an intermediate product in processing of natural gas into useful chemical products.
The following materials can be produced from syngas: oxygenates – methanol, dimethyl ether, etc.; high-boiling hydrocarbons – synthetic oil; separate hydrocarbon fractions – synthetic motor fuels.

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KBR has eliminated the primary reformer and simplified the synthesis gas compressor.

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Chemlube 501 and 751 are recommended for reciprocating compressors and vacuum pumps using the following gases: Air, Butadiene, Carbon Dioxide (dry), Furnace (crack) Gas, Ethylene, Natural Gas, Helium, Hydrogen, Methane, Synthesis Gas, Hydrogen Sulfide (dry), Sulphur Hexafluoride, Propane, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen

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Creating an infrastructure for to thousands of future individual fueling stations presents many challenges. Because hydrogen contains less energy per unit volume than all other fuels, transporting, storing, and delivering it to the point of end-use is more expensive on a per gasoline gallon equivalent (per-GGE) basis. Building a new hydrogen pipeline network involves high initial capital costs, and hydrogen's properties present unique challenges to pipeline materials and compressor design. However, because hydrogen can be produced from a wide variety of resources, regional or even local hydrogen production can maximize use of local resources and minimize distribution challenges.

i) the manufacture of synthesis gas (a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen (steam reforming))

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Applications: The PGR Series offers a new approach to synthetic lubricants and high performance in rotary screw air compressors and vacuum pumps. This series utilizes the latest technology available in combination with excellent lubricant additive systems. The PGR Series is a low cost alternative to the coolant compressor oils. The service life is 6,000 hours under good operating conditions.

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Applications: The Ultrachem Ulterra Series of synthetic lubricants was designed to provide superior performance over mineral oils in air compressor applications. Under normal operating conditions, Ultrachem Ulterra can be expected to provide 8,000 plus hours of service life. Formulated from a blend of premium synthetic base stocks, these fluids will keep the compressor running clean and trouble-free during its life cycle. Ultrachem Ulterra offers a cost-effective solution to lubrication of compressed air systems and is compatible with most air compressor fluids on the market. This series is not compatible with silicone or polyglycol based fluids.

New original engineering solutions are proposed that increase the reliability and operating efficiency of synthesis gas turbocompressors.

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Applications: The Chemlube NGE products are full synthetic ester/polyalphaolefin (PAO)-based gas engine oils. The NGE Series are low ash oils that have been developed for four-cycle gas engines that are naturally aspi- rated to slightly turbocharged. Chemlube NGE Synthetic Oil Series provide low temperature pump-ability for remote engines operated in cold weather or intermittently. They are suitable for use in Caterpillar, Cooper-Bessemer, Cooper Superior, Cummins, Dresser-Rand Category I & II and Waukesha.

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The Ultrachem PS Series is a blend of synthetic and premium petroleum base fluids designed for use in rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating air compressors. The unique additive systems and highest quality synthetic components in these products make them greatly superior to petroleum products. Ultrachem PS Series extends service life up to 4,000 hours in rotary screw compressors under good operating conditions.

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Applications: ULTRA-TEC is made from a severely hydro-treated, hydro-cracked hydrocarbon base fluid and designed especially for portable compressor applications. ULTRA-TEC has been formulated with excellent anti-wear and high film- strength properties to provide the superior lubricating performance required for the severe service conditions in the portable compressor industry. This lubricant is designed to extend portable compressor life well beyond the standard motor oils and hydraulic fluids typically used in this service.