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To start off, I would like to thank my academic advisor, thesis advisor and mentor, Professor Joyce Jacobsen. It was her mentorship and guidance that helped me achieve much that I have till today, and this thesis would not have been possible without her critical insight on issues that many take for granted. All her students and advisors can testify to the fact that she is always there to help out on all kinds of issues. In my case, I’ve discussed things from endogeneity problems in regressions to finding an effective strategy for a campus-wide flood relief campaign. As always, her insight has been unique and beneficial. It was after seeing the effect that Professor Jacobsen’s mentorship has had on me and my peers that I have started considering academia as an even more worthy pursuit than I had thought before. I would also like to thank all the professors in the Economics Departments for helping me develop my ability and passion to study economics. Furthermore, I am grateful to Professor Chan, my Math Advisor, for his mentorship throughout my time at Wesleyan University. When I was not sure if I was capable of completing a Math major, it was Professor Chan who convinced me to

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Wesleyan’s scholar-teacher model establishes a very high bar for our faculty. Our outstanding professors maintain active intellectual lives—readingwidely, researching, conferring with fellow scholars on issues central to theirfields, and publishing new work. Theirinterests cross disciplines, and they often pioneer innovative approaches. They are also dedicatedteachers and mentors to first-year students in introductory classes, to newmajors advancing their skills, to students from other departments and divisionsmaking connections, and to seniors and thesis studentsundertaking sustained research. Wesleyan believes that first-rate scholarship and artistic practice enhance classroom teaching and that first-rate classroom teaching produces ideas that will shape the fields of the future.

Thesis Mentor Wesleyan University.

A gift of $3 million establishes in perpetuity an endowedchair that underwrites salary and benefits for a distinguished member of thefaculty. During the THIS IS WHY campaign, we hope to endow professorships inall three divisions of the University. Establishing an endowed chair in yourname or in honor of a loved one or mentor will enable Wesleyan to recognize andsupport the very best scholar-teachers.

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An excellent weekly seminar program affords an opportunity for students to hear and meet informally with a variety of outstanding speakers. In addition, the Peter A. Leermakers Symposium has brought eminent chemists from Europe, Asia, South America, and throughout the United States to Wesleyan for a day of intensive examination of a particular subject. Past topics have included chemical insights into viruses, fullerenes, progenitors and sequels, molecular frontiers of AIDS research, extraterrestrial chemistry and biology, atmospheric chemistry and climate in a changing global environment, where chemistry meets art and archaeology, metals in medicine, the molecular basis of materials science, challenges to chemistry from other sciences, green energy and biofuel technology, and better chemistry through quantum mechanics.

26/05/2008 · The symbolism of protégé and mentor permeated Barack Obama’s speech to graduates at Wesleyan University as he stood in for Edward M. Kennedy.

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Research. Students in chemical physics may do research under the direction of any member of either department. To aid the student in this selection and to sample the flavor of research activities in both departments, students will participate briefly in the research of each department. During the first year, students will rotate among as many as two research groups from each department, spending between four and six weeks in each group. It is anticipated that a student will be able to make a formal choice of a research advisor by the end of the first academic year at Wesleyan.

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Butterfield Prize • Established by the Class of 1967 and awarded to the graduating senior who has exemplified those qualities of character, leadership, intellectual commitment, and concern for the Wesleyan community shown by Victor Lloyd Butterfield, eleventh president of the University.

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Clark Fellowship • Established in memory of John Blanchard Clark by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Clark of Pittsford, New York; his sister, Catherine; relatives; and friends. Awarded annually to a qualified graduating senior of Wesleyan University for graduate study in a school of medicine. Recipients are judged by members of the Health Professions Panel on their potential for outstanding achievement and for their promise of community leadership and public-spirited citizenship and for their scholastic record at Wesleyan.