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This course aims at presenting relevant methodologies for web personalization based on Machine learning (ML) algorithms.
Most of the web sites and services today are still designed one-size-fits-all, that is, all users see the exact same content regardless of interests, past interactions or current user context and environment. Instead, the interaction with online sources should be dynamic and personalized, adapting to visitors’ preferences and interests. The course presents fundamental methodologies to implement personalization across online services.
Since personalization is often viewed as a two-step process of first modelling users, and then improving the human-computer interaction given the model, the course covers both tasks.

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That is exactly the first thing that came to my mind when I sat down to design the website.

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When a person searches for a piece of information about a topic, she finds somuch information available that she hardly unearths web pages, books, papers,articles, music, videos, etc. actually relevant to the searched topic. For instance,most search engines on the Internet return thousands of results on every query,while only a few of those results are really relevant for the searcher and theyare not always at the top of the returned list. Furthermore, what is relevantand interesting for one searcher may not be relevant and interesting for anothersearcher, even if they submit the same query.

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Successful web designers should have good design skills, should have an aptitude towards drawing, and have knowledge of web-specific factors such as the image compression, screen resolution, website architecture, accessibility, usability, etc.

Normally, we use the computer or desktop to open a browser and visit to some websites....

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Research on web personalization techniques for collecting and analysing web data in order to deliver personalized information to users is in an advanced state. Many metrics from the computational intelligence field have been developed to evaluate the algorithmic performance of Web Personalization Systems (WPSs). However, measuring the success of a WPS in terms of user acceptance is difficult until the WPS is deployed in practice. In summary, many techniques exist for delivering personalized information to a user, but a comprehensive measure of the success in WPSs in terms of human interaction and behaviour does not exist.

So to prepare for this paper I explored the WWW for approximately seven hours.

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In this thesis we propose models that better capture usage context of social tagging and develop two folksonomy systems that allow for the deduction of contextual information from tagging activities. We introduce a suite of ranking algorithms that exploit contextual information embedded in folksonomy structures and prove that these context-sensitive ranking algorithms significantly improve search in Social Web systems. We setup a framework of user modeling and personalization methods for the Social Web and evaluate this framework in the scope of personalized search and social recommender systems. Extensive evaluation reveals that our context-based user modeling techniques have significant impact on the personalization quality and clearly improve regular user modeling approaches. Finally, we analyze the nature of user profiles distributed on the Social Web, implement a service that supports cross-system user modeling and investigate the impact of cross-system user modeling methods on personalization. In different experiments we prove that our cross-system user modeling strategies solve cold-start problems in social recommender systems and that intelligent re-use of external profile information improves the recommendation quality also beyond the cold-start.

Website design is a process of assorting and linking codes and graphics into a text editor such as notepad and then displaying it onto a web browser.

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There is also a need to pay attention to the characteristics and qualities of the Website as a medium for communication so that there are not merely duplicate practices intended for paper and other media....

This paper will outline the design specifics that will be necessary for full integration and user functionality of the new web-based portal....

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Nowadays users are overwhelmed by the abundant amount of information, and it is not just a problem to a minority of population; it is a problem for everyone in their daily life. In fact, now, we do not get information just from newspapers, colleagues, family members and friends, but also largely from the Internet.