Quartus II enables analysis and synthesis of HDL designs, ..

Odin II can be used for a wide range of experiments; in this paper, we show three specific instances of how Odin II can be used by ASIC and FPGA researchers for more than basic synthesis.

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In some cases, FPGA designers automatically generate synthetic benchmarks to evaluate new architectures, which they cannot efficiently test using existing benchmarks. As FPGA industry expands to support new applications such as digital signal processing and embedded systems, benchmarks from these areas are adopted by FPGA community as well. The common metrics reported for FPGA benchmarks include: logic capacity, performance speed, resource utilization, power consumption, area required for placing designs etc.

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For today’s advanced FPGAs, accurate timing constraints are important to obtain optimal synthesis and place-and-route results, and play a critical role during timing analysis and verification. The Precision TM RTL Synthesis timing-driven synthesis engine supports detailed timing constraints such as clock characteristics and timing exceptions. The TimeQuest timing analyzer in the Altera ® Quartus ® II software is a powerful ASICstyle static timing analysis tool that validates FPGA timing performance using Synopsys Design Constraints (SDC) format. This paper provides timing constraint recommendations, and describes how Precision translates synthesis constraints into SDC for Quartus II place-and-route optimization and timing analysis. Designers can customize TimeQuest reporting to view precise timing information about specific paths and then add constraints to correct any violations, so they can be confident the design will meet its timing requirements and operate as intended in the target device.

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During the synthesis of your FPGA design a tool called TimeQuest will be called by Quartus ..

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