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I take great pleasure in recommending Mr. Robert May for a position teaching psychology and/or religion at your college. In the eleven years that I have known Mr. May, I have found him to be remarkably knowledgeable in both of these fields as well as being a brilliant and original thinker in the arena of psychology of religion. Indeed, his masterful works, Physicians of the Soul and Cosmic Consciousness Revisited, are considered by many major religious and psychological scholars to be seminal works in the field of sacred psychology. Mr. May's impeccable academic knowledge is matched only by the depth and breadth of his inner journey in spiritual psychology. Thus he brings great honesty and credibility to his teaching and will add both richness of mind and high teaching skills to any faculty on which he serves.

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September 4, 1997

Recommendation Letter for Robert M. May

I have had the opportunity to work with Robert May for approximately thre e years. I have been his instructor in educational research and statistics courses. I advised Robert on his dissertation which he completed this past spring.

Robert is a very impressive individual in many ways. As an author he has written four books. Two have already been published. I am impressed by both the breadth and depth of Robert's scholarly work.

It is difficult to succeed in one area of scholarship. Robert is making an effort to work across two areas, psychology and religion. I believe that his work will provide a theoretical and historical perspective on the interrelations between the two fields of study that will raise issues for today and for future scholars.

At a more personal level I find Robert to be commutative, supportive colleague. He sets an example with the energy that he puts into his research. I know very few people who can get as excited as Robert when involved in research. He certainly spreads this excitement and enthusiasm to others.

I have encouraged Robert to consider returning to higher education. His teaching and research would be very valuable in almost any higher educational institution. I would certainly recommend Robert highly. If a more specific or personal recommendation is needed please feel free to contact me.


Kenneth N. Fishell, Ed. D., Professor of Education, and Former Dean & Associate Dean, The University of Vermont, School of Education, Burlington, VT, Former Provost and Professor, Berne University: International Graduate School, St. Kitts/ Nevis, WI and Wolfeboro Falls, NH

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