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The only simulation of its kind on the market, Virtual ChemLab for Organic Chemistry provides a 3D environment on the computer where students feel as though they are performing real experiments. The topics covered in the simulations include a wide variety of synthesis experiments and over 400 qualitative analysis unknowns. The simulations are designed to teach the cognitive processes behind organic chemistry laboratories with a focus on the decisions a student should make and not how a student should perform an experiment. Perfect for pre-lab, post-lab, and homework assignments.


I am using virtual chemlab organic synthesis and qualitative analysis v.2.5

Virtual Chemlab: Organic Synthesis And Qualitative Analysis V.2.2

In these laboratories, students are put into a virtual environment where they are free to make the choices and decisions that they would confront in an actual laboratory setting and, in turn, experience the resulting consequences. These laboratories include simulations of: inorganic qualitative analysis fundamental experiments in quantum chemistry gas properties titration experiments calorimetry organic synthesis organic qualitative analysis.

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For a full list of the activities related to the General Chemistry version, . Organic v2.5 The general features of the organic simulation include the ability to synthesize products; work up reaction mixtures and perform extractions; use nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), infrared spectroscopy (IR), and thin-layer chromatography (TLC) as analytical tools; purify products by distillation or recrystallization; perform qualitative analysis experiments on unknowns using functional group tests with actual video depicting the results of the tests.

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Virtual Chemlab:Organic Synthesis and Qualitative Analysis v.2.2 by Brian F

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