repetition of a word or phrase as the beginning of successive clauses

Is there equivocation here: for example to speak of self-control as the characterization of a deed versus to speak of self-control as a moral virtue? No, because self-control (self-restraint, self-discipline) is only a moral virtue when it is directed by wisdom rather than ignorance of the good, if their perceived good is what all life aims for: it is an excellence proper to man, but it is not a moral excellence ("virtue"). For how can an immoral deed, regardless of how it is accomplished, be virtuous? On the other hand, we speak of "the intention to do good". (Yes, this topic is confusing, but the confusion is grammatical, a knot tied with rules of grammar.)

Asked on antithesis: contrary ideas expressed in a balanced sentence.

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d. Discuss the use of literary devices in relation to theme

This narrative was written to diffuse a real life quarrel between two high-class families in 18th century England; the Petres and the Fermors (Gurr, 5).

It is the antithesis of being famous.

In John Updike’s poem “The Great Scarf of Birds”, he uses diction and figurative speech to depict the beautiful autumn season to show how inspiring and uplifting nature is to man....

Its antithesis begins "Or to take arms" and takes up most of the next two lines.

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Be Antithesis: opposition, or " Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare.
In rhetoric and grammar, antithesis is the juxtaposition of contrasting ideas in balanced phrases.

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In philosophy "What is death?" is a question , an eternal question, an eternal source of wonder (both ) for mankind. But -- unless religion were to be classified under the umbrella of Philosophy -- that in itself does not make the question of death philosophical, because the question of death is also a religious question. Some additional criterion is needed, and that criterion is by the light natural reason alone.

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However, though Donne's use of figures, such as metaphor and simile, humanize God, his use of violent imagery recovers the reverence of God's powerful divinity....

omission of conjunctions between coordinate phrases, clauses, or words

Of Grammatology and Writing and Difference.

In “The Fish,” Bishop’s utilization of certain similes, imagery in the last few lines, narrative poem style, and use of punctuation allows the audience to transport into the life of the fish; therefore, allowing...

Antithesis (plural antitheses) -- contrary ideas expressed in a balanced sentence.

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Symbol - According to Saussure, "words are not symbols which correspond to referents, but rather are 'signs' which are made up of two parts (like two sides of a sheet of paper): a mark,either written or spoken, called a 'signifier,' and a concept (what is 'thought' when the mark is made), called a 'signified'" (Selden and Widdowson 104 - see General Resources below).

The use of lists is dramatically evident in this scene, notably in lines 15-16.

Antithesis is the use of contrasting concepts, ..

Figurative: “The dinner leaped from his table and roared at the waiter.” The figurative statement is more vivid because it creates a picture of ferocious anger by comparing the dinner to a wild animal....