Uric acid in pregnancy and preeclampsia: an alternative hypothesis

Pre-Eclampsia is one of the most serious diseases that can complicate a pregnancy, putting at risk the lives of both the infant and the mother. The reasons why and how this condition occurs still remains essentially a mystery. Pre-Eclampsia is the development of high blood pressure along with protein in the urine (proteinuria), excessive fluid retention (oedema) and a rise in the uric acid level in the blood (hyperuricaemia). Once this condition develops it is necessary to deliver the infant, otherwise disastrous consequences can and will ensue. If we knew how this disease develops (its pathogenesis) then we may be able to intervene before the disease fully develops and improve the outcomes for both mother and infant. It has been estimated that 50,000 maternal deaths occur worldwide each year as a result of this disease!

FayUric acid in pregnancy and preeclampsia: an alternative ..

(1990), Uric Acid in Pregnancy and Preeclampsia: An Alternative Hypothesis

Uric Acid in Pregnancy and Preeclampsia: An Alternative Hypothesis.

Diuretics are first-line agents to be used in management of essential hypertension prior to conception and, based on their apparent safety, they may be continued during pregnancy alone or in combination with other agents especially in women more likely to have salt-responsive hypertension []. Concerns regarding volume contraction leading to limited fetal growth have not been supported in studies []. Mild volume contraction, however, may lead to hyperuricemia and in doing so invalidate serum uric acid levels as a laboratory marker that may assist in the diagnosis of superimposed preeclampsia. The adverse effects are mainly due to fluid, electrolytes, and solute disturbances.

Uric acid in pregnancy and preeclampsia: An alternative hypothesis.

Epidemiological characteristics of preeclampsia such as its uniqueness to humans and an increased incidence of preeclampsia in multiple pregnancies, increased body mass index, renal and hypertensive disease all have uric acid as their common denominator.

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