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T-Cards: New students must obtain a T-card, which serves as a student identification and library card. T-cards are issued at Robarts Library upon presentation of appropriate identification and documentation. For information, consult the library website at: .

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She received her BA and Master’s at the University of Calgary.

To be eligible for admission to the doctoral program, applicants must normally have an M.A. in the academic study of Religion (at least 4Y equivalent), preceded by an appropriate undergaduate degree with specialization in Religion or in cognate subjects, with courses broadly equivalent in number and distribution to the University of Toronto’s Specialist program in Religion (10Y equivalent; see ). They must also have suitable language preparation and an average of at least A- in their M.A. courses, with no individual grade falling below B. In practice, students admitted tend to have A averages. In interpreting equivalency in an applicant’s previous course work, the Department considers the aggregate of the applicant’s study at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

She completed her BA (Honours) and MA at the University of Regina.

The student should carefully read the information regarding exam dates and the External Examiner. The student and his/her supervisor should decide on an appropriate External Examiner and the supervisor should contact this person to confirm that he/she is willing and able to write the appraisal and to come to Toronto for the defense.

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For a full description of this program, see the Environmental Studies Collaborative Program entry in the University of Toronto ‘s School of Graduate Studies Calendar.

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The department requests that the student also produce a bound copy of his/her thesis for addition to the departmental library of theses housed in the departmental seminar room.

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Students who successfully complete the requirements of the Collaborative Specialization will receive the notation “Completed Collaborative Specialization in Earth Sciences and Physics” on their transcript. For a full description of the program requirements, refer to Earth Sciences and Physics Collaborative Specialization entry in the University of Toronto ‘s School of Graduate Studies Calendar.

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Thesis Supervisory Committees emerge as students move toward the preparation of the thesis proposal. The members of these new committees may, but need not, include members of the established Advisory Committees. Supervisory Committees consist of three members of the Graduate Faculty of the University of Toronto. These members are the Supervisor and two other professors who are qualified to offer expert advice in the proposed area of research. Working in consultation with the Graduate Director, students have free choice of Supervisor, and are responsible for securing the agreement of the professor who is to act in that capacity. The other two members are chosen jointly by the student, the Supervisor, and the Graduate Director. Supervisory Committees assist students in preparing the pre-proposal statement, the general exams, and the Thesis Proposal.

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A formal appraisal of the thesis is written by the External Examiner who must be from outside of the University of Toronto and who, except under exceptional circumstances, must agree to attend the final Ph.D. Senate Oral Defense.

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The student must also ensure the thesis is formatted according to . The student must submit the corrected, formatted thesis in an electronic format to the School of Graduate Studies through , the University’s digital library repository, along with payment of the required thesis processing fee.

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The student must submit a Library and Archives Canada Non-exclusive License form () to the Master’s Office at the School of Graduate Studies. Students should also consult the Electronic Theses and Dissertations on the SGS website.