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Departmental Honors Programs. Most departments in the School of Social Sciences offer an honors program (refer to the departmental information). Upon successful completion of the honors program, students graduate with honors in their respective majors and their transcripts note that they were in the honors program.

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of California, Berkeley, the U.S.

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This emphasis is characterized by the opening clip, James Baldwin addressing an audience in Berkeley, where Baldwin says: "If I ain't got nothing to lose, what are you going to do to me?" The primary view of the situation is given via an impassioned interview at the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley with Margaret, a homeless Native American and mother of three.

Search for People at Berkeley Law

Investigates attitudes towards "Measure O", an ordinance passed by the Berkeley City Council in an effort to limit the scope of panhandling within the city limits.

"Produced in association with The Critical Resistance Conference, Berkeley, Calif., Sept.

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(45 min.) A program designed to educate and inform the University community and the general public about the past, present and future of affirmative action policy and its impact on the University of California, Berkeley.

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All honors students who have written a thesis by the time of the commencement ceremony are listed in the Commencement program, with the title of their thesis shown. The honors designation also appears on all transcripts and the UC diploma. Please note: if you are walking prior to writing your honors thesis, you will not be listed with the honors candidates in the commencement program.

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The Institute for International, Global and Regional Studies (IGARS) was created to be a hub for research and teaching at UCI on the interactions of politics, economics, societies, cultures, and history in global and international affairs. It provides a calendar of events, hosts the bi-weekly International Studies Public Forum and monthly research seminars, collaborates with over 17 other campus centers, and promotes seed funding for collaborative research activities on international and global issues. Faculty associated with IGARS participate in the international studies undergraduate major and honors program and the minor in conflict resolution. Learn more at the .

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Honors students are required to turn in a copy of their thesis to their thesis advisor. Theses are typically due on the first day of finals, but faculty sponsors can require an earlier deadline. Students must also email a .pdf of their thesis to the undergraduate advising office. This thesis will not be posted on the web without permission.

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College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Each year, the outstanding graduating senior in the College is awarded a silver medal, known as the “Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Medal.” Scholastic excellence (in a minimum of six quarters at UC Davis) is the primary basis for choosing the recipient. The Mary Regan Meyer Prize is awarded to an outstanding graduate who has demonstrated expertise and an interest in serving humanity. The Charles E. Hess Award is awarded to the graduate with the most noteworthy record of public/community service while at UC Davis. The Kinsella Memorial Prize, in honor of John E. Kinsella, is awarded annually to an outstanding individual who submits his or her Ph.D. dissertation during the spring, fall winter quarter or summer session immediately preceding the due date for nomination.

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The Departmental Citation and Earl Randolph Memorial Prize
The department awards the Earl Rolph Memorial Prize and the Departmental Citation to the top honors student during the yearly Commencement Ceremony held in May. The prize is based on both the honors thesis and student's overall academic performance.