Based on the individual homoeopathic constituents of Lymphomyosot, therapeutical possibilities result for the treatment of exudative and Iymphatic diathesis, low resistance, scrofulous and other glandular swellings, tonsillar hypertrophy, chronic angina tonsillaris and retronasalis (pharangeal tonsil), disturbances of somatic and mental development in children suffering from glandular disorders. Cardiac (right and left insufficiency) and renal (nephritis, nephrosis and other diseases of the kidneys) oedema; post-operative and post-traumatic impediments to lymphatic drainage (lymphatic oedema), neurodermatitis, eczema, endogenous dermatosis; important detoxicating and drainage agent in all impregnation, degeneration and neoplasm phases as well as in hepatic diseases as mesenchymal purge.

Causes and treatment of diathesis in infants, ..

Treatment of Exudative diathesis: In treatment the main place is taken by the correct diet

emulsion in the treatment of patients with exudative psoriasis ..

The Koran: In Sura 1 6, Verse 115 is written:

He has forbidden you carrion, blood, and the flesh of swine; also any flesh consecrated other than in the name of Allah. But whoever is constrained to eat any of these, not intending to sign or transgress, will find Allah forgiving and merciful.

Jahwe (Jehovah), identical prohibitions regarding the law of nature against which one must not sin; to do so will certainly bring biological retribution through the promise of “sickness in the form of punishment”. (See Deuteronomy 28 for example)

It would be superfluous to mention the people of Saudi-Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, or any other country where Islam is the national religion since these laws of practice have been their principles for several thousand years.

The strict prohibition of pork, by the Jews and the Moslems is also very well known. It is often suggested that these customs are religious-hygienic measures ordered by the priests because of the Trichina content of pork. This, however, is unfounded as this practice dates back to the time of Moses and Mohammed when Trichina was not known.

In World War II, soldiers in North Africa were taken ill in ever increasing numbers. They were suffering from abscesses of the lower part of the leg called “tropical ulcers”. These ulcerations left the soldiers unfit to fight and necessitated lengthy hospital confinement, often requiring their removal to more temperate climates. Every possible form of treatment as well as chemical therapy was exhausted without positive results. It was then suggested that these leg ulcers could possibly be connected with the soldiers’ eating habits, as the natives showed no signs of this disease. Rations to the soldiers were then based on a diet free from pork, much like that eaten by the Islamic population. This resulted in the immediate relief of the leg ulcer syndrome.

During the lean years of the war and especially those after the war, the health of the population was, practically speaking, good. Few people could eat their fill. Meat from any source was only available in small amounts, pork was rarely ever available. There was very little fat, hardly any sugar, but there were plenty of cereals and grains, i.e., bread and pastries. These were supplemented with potatoes, root crops and fresh vegetables.

During that time there were hardly any cases of inflamed appendix and no gall bladder problems except among those who had managed to kill a black market pig, which was rare. At the same time rheumatism, intervertebral disc damages and similar complaints were almost unknown. This was also true of cardiac ailments, sclerosis, and high blood pressure.

Soon after the currency reform of 1948 was established, pork products, ham arid particularly bacon became readily available and the health picture of the German population completely changed. Inflammation of the appendix, gall bladder disorders, acute eruptions of the skin such as pyodermia, impetigo, carbuncles and sudoriparous abscesses became common place. Upon treating these illnesses with chemical drugs and sulphonamides. chronic mycosis as well as a variety of side effects soon became apparent.

Particularly frightening was the increase in cases of cancer at that time. A great many patients between 60 and 70 years old, who had hitherto been free of disorders, suddenly became ill with stomach complaints which were found to be caused by cancer of the alimentary canal, the stomach or the intestines. The progress of these cases was so instructive and biologically significant, or rather had such causal bases, that certain deductions as to the origin of all illnesses had to be made; this being that the basis of all illnesses are poisons.

Over the years, it was found that many other illnesses, such as arthritis and chronic osteoarthrosis, were to a large extent due to pork consumption, as well as some special diseases such as leucorrhea in women, chronic fistular eruptions, not only those following ear surgery, as for example after otitis, but also those adherent to shot wounds suffered during the war. As these were sustained through the consumption of pork, they were slow to heal, if at all, unless a biological, particularly a homeopathic cure involving complete abstinence of any and all types of pork was undertaken.


Combination of goats rue powder and other herbs is thought to be effective for pancreas and adrenal gland stimulation, blood purification, for glandular disturbances, digestive fluid secretion disturbances, for mesenchyme purification, fermentative dyspepsia, diarrhea, as a liver-protectant, Roemheld syndrome, exudative diathesis and status lymphaticus, eradicating abnormal colonic bacterial flora, as a general tonic and for stimulating lactation.

(1975a) Biological availability of selenium in feedstuffs and selenium compounds for prevention of exudative diathesis in chicks.
Exudative diathesis - hereditary susceptibility of the organism to allergic reactions

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This does not represent a new theory about the injurious effects of pork consumption, but only states those which stem from the laws of Moses and Mohammed as well as the unusual results of observations of patients, the author’s own family and even himself. From these it had to be conceded that the ever increasing number of illnesses due to the consumption of pork in many ways correspond to the religious instructions given to the Jews arid to the Islamic population and are absolutely justified. Even without the risk of trichinosis, which can also affect bears, rats, mice, dogs, wolves and other animals, the stress factors found in pork alone are enough to fully justify these ideas.

Fortunately, quality restaurants are to be found in every town whose pure food (i.e., without the addition of pork) is prepared in a natural way and where, for example, cheese dishes are not ruined by adding ham.

Restaurant owners would soon see a marked difference in their profits if patrons avoided their establishments after having an especially well recommended meal which in some way contained pork and were to realize their suffering from biliary gallstones, inflammations of the appendix, inevitable gain in weight, high blood pressure, fatty degeneration of the liver, or other dreaded diseases, particularly arthritis and arthrosis, was a direct result of pork consumption.

Hopefully this paper will help all those who have not yet become aware of the dangers of eating pork to change their dietary habits to exclude pork; it would be a great accomplishment. This does not mean a diet which is monotonous, but to the contrary can be one that is both pleasantly varied and one that meets the biological requirements, this will result in a diminished yearning for fats as well as a positive effect on one’s general health which can be enjoyed for many years.

As a result of investigations, this firm advice should be given to patients:

Always avoid eating pork even in the smallest amount. If you have avoided eating pork for a few weeks, then occasional pork consumption of small amounts will produce an immediate increase in the defense system of the body which will appear as itching, inflammation or pains in weakened points of the body, disorders of the gall bladder (colics), inflammation of the appendix, rheumatic pains, etc. There may also be other inflammations or pre-warning signs such as tiredness, as well as a deterioration of eczema, irritation and dermatitis. All of these are symptoms caused by the poisonous nature of pork.

In any event, many illnesses and the unhappiness they bring to you and your family can be avoided, providing you eliminate all forms of pork, and only buy sausages and meats that are absolutely pork-free.

Once you have kept a strict adherence to a pork free diet, you will begin to recognize when you have eaten food, which unknown to you, actually contained pork; simply due to the effect it has upon your own health.

It should always be remembered that the whole pig consists of low grade material, fat, mucous, irritants, ichorous and other substances which will cause inflammation as well as dangerous hormones which when eaten and absorbed by the human intestinal tract decompose into ichor.

Therefore, the only way to prevent ichorous illnesses is, to advise your patients of keeping a strict ban on all types of pork. Beef, veal, mutton, fowl and venison can be eaten without hesitation. Rabbit and hare should also be avoided.

Be critical with yourself and reject all arguments. This abstinence in addition to biological and homeopathic treatment and natural methods, such as compresses, hydrotherapy, etc. will soon render improved health for yourself and all the members of your family. Disorders arising from the unintentional consumption of pork will be quick to heal through these natural processes as they allow the actual detoxication and removal of all the poisons and stress factors in pork.

Healing, according to homotoxicology, means becoming free of toxins and toxin-damages.

Health, according to homotoxicology, means being free of toxins and toxin-damages.

Treatment of exudative diathesis in children should be approached in a comprehensive manner

By Professor Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, M.D

Thompson & Scott (1969) found that administration of 0.02 - 0.05 mg selenium/kg, as selenite, prevented death and exudative diathesis in chicks fed diets containing typical levels of vitamin E (sections and include discussions on the nutritional interrelationship of selenium and vitamin E).

Encephalomalacia and exudative diathesis tends to be seen in young birds of 1-5 weeks of age

Selenium (EHC 58, 1986) - INCHEM

The degree of protection against exudative diathesis and the level of plasma glutathione peroxidase activity were highly correlated, suggesting that nutritional potency depended on the ability of the chick to convert various selenium compounds to the enzymatically active form.