Characteristics of wireless mesh network:

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Working with the Open Technology Initiative at New America Foundation and the Red Hook Initiative, Tidepools is tailoring a custom engagement platform, based on local needs and interests, for the Red Hook Housing Projects – a remote and unconnected area of Brooklyn, with little WiFi and Internet access primarily through Android mobile devices. At the same time, it is bringing low cost Internet access through the same wireless mesh that Tidepools is hosted on.

Sichitiu, "MRP: Wireless Mesh Networks Routing Protocol".

Full mesh topology is when each node is directly connected to every other node on the network.

"Wireless Mesh Networking, Architectures Protocols and Standard".

Design of Enviromental Parameter Monitoring System for Watermelon seedling, based on wireless sensor networks; Applied mathematics and information science; Page 244-247.
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Thesis guide involving wireless and networking

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has details of wireless mesh network and also how to define WMN using omnet++.

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A limited number of TAPs also have a connection directly to the Internet, serving as gateway nodes that provide Internet connectivity to the entire mesh network.

Joint routing and scheduling in wireless mesh networks ..

Wireless mesh networks are gaining in importance as an alternative to cable and DSL and are envisioned to provide fixed, nomadic, portable, and---eventually mobile---wireless broadband connectivity.

Mesh networks can be very expensive due to the large amount of cable and connections required.

Rural Wireless Mesh Network: A Design Methodology

Goode Memorial Award (IEEE Computer Society) with the citation: "For significant and pioneering contributions to advanced architectures and protocols for wireless and satellite networking".

has details of wireless mesh network and also how to define WMN using omnet++.

Wireless Mesh Networks: Architecture, Applications …

Wireless mesh networks extend the connectivity range of mobile devices by using multiple access points, some of them connected to the Internet, to create a mesh topology and forward packets over multiple wireless hops. Mobile clients should be able to freely roam within the area covered by the mesh and maintain their connectivity at all times. This thesis presents the architecture and protocols of the first transparent wireless mesh system that offers seamless, fast handoff, supporting VoIP and other real-time application traffic for any unmodified 802.11 device. The entire mesh network is seen by the mobile clients as a single, omnipresent access point. Access points continuously monitor the connectivity quality of any client in their range and efficiently share information with other access points in the vicinity of that client to coordinate and decide which of them should serve the client. We first show an intra-domain handoff protocol that transfers connectivity between the access points serving the mobile device. We then show an inter-domain handoff protocol that transfer connectivity between access points connected to the Internet. Both handoffs, which can occur simultaneously, maintain all previously opened connections while transferring them as fast as possible without any involvement from the mobile device. Experimental results on a fully deployed mesh network demonstrate the effectiveness of the architecture and its handoff protocols.

This thesis applies the principles of prefetching to wireless mesh networks.

Wireless mesh networks extend the ..

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