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This means you should avoid generic verbs like the following to keep your writing interesting and sharp. Don't bore your teacher or audience to tears!

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The second phrase just sounds more authoritative and direct. The verbs make all the difference!

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You can check out this principle in the textbooks you read and the lectures you listento. If you find yourself bored or confused, chances are you're getting generalizations andabstractions. [This is almost inevitable—the purpose of the texts and the teachers is togive you general principles!] You'll find your interest and your understanding increasewhen the author or teacher starts offering specifics. One of the most useful questions youcan ask of an unclear presentation (including your own) is, "Can you give mean example?"

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Teaching the strategies and practicing them in the context of student writing samples will help students recognize and avoid these “writing crutches” in their own writing. The end result? More precise and purposeful student writing with vivid, “show me” verbs.

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So, how can we get our students to reduce or in their essays to create precision of meaning, specificity, clarity, and just good old sentence variety? How do we get our students to use these vivid “show me” verbs instead? Try these five strategies:

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It’s not that “to be” verbs are always bad; sometimes writers must use “to be” verbs to communicate exactly what the writer wants to say. In fact, these verb forms can be difficult to replace. When the verb links to the subject (the do-er) of the sentence as a state of being, it performs one of these five functions:

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Like the comparison section, you should use actual examples and provide enough detail so the audience can List of Active Verbs for Literature Review in Thesis/Dissertation ...

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Unless you’re trying to hide something, or unless you truly don’t know the facts, you should make your writing as specific as possible. Specifics reside in active voice. In English, using active verbs makes your writing clearer and more engaging. Compare these pairs of sentences:

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