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you can see a participant viewing the video with the HMD and a short glance on how the raw data I get looks like. The experiments are still ongoing until the beginning of October and then all the data needs to be evaluated. To analyze the power of emotions in VR for tourism marketing, the data of the two groups will be compared with each other. I will keep you updated.

Phd Thesis On Tourism Marketing

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Does the same 360° video displayed with an HMD lead to more intense emotions than displayed on a desktop computer screen? This is what I am currently investigating with my research project within the scope of my master thesis: The Power of Emotions in Tourism Marketing – Triggered by VR.

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He recently returned from long-term ethnographic fieldwork on transforming practices of capitalism and cultural tourism within the Lao People's Democratic Republic.

Additional recent research and writing projects have focused on tourism, Christian missionaries, and the production of ethnicity in Northern Thailand; changing mathematical practices in textile production workplaces; and schools, learning and the promotion of 'traditional crafts' in Northern Thailand.

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Some of the best scoring marketing dissertation titles for product, price, place and promotion are: Can an overt international pricing strategy negatively affect brand image?

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Marketing is a business function that measures the magnitude of the scope of success of a product or service in the market. It identifies and fulfills gaps like pricing, promotion and distribution of product or service at the time of sales. Marketing has evolved along the years, there are newer theories for proper segmentation of customers and prospects to target.

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