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So initially we thought to rotate the image 1 degree and save the resulting image, we then ended up with about 360 image files derived from a single image. If we marked just the initial image (non-rotated) then based off of the placement in that image we could derive the position of interest in all subsequent images. With this technique there were a few problems encountered.
Below is an example of the images and their rotation. You will notice that along with the rotation there was also significant scaling to the image. So not only would we have to derive the position from the rotation but also the scaling.

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The only downside is that the image rotator for the slideshow requires a license for commercial use. It's not that I object to someone earning money for writing such a great plug-in, but I found it very difficult to find the right option to actually purchase the license from the online store.

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Yes my site is a Thesis template with zero changes. I started to play around with the site two days ago and still have no idea how to change the rotating images that are on the front page here. I also can’t figure out how I messed up my page titles, all I know is that there is an excess of words I can’t figure out how to remove. Yup. I know jack squat and I am not afraid to admit it.

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So, I decided to simplify the situation and alleviate the scaling portion and only focus on the rotation. Below is a code excerpt that rotates an image about the center point and also keeps the original scale. Which is fortunate in our case that our images do not contain any useful information on the edges of the frame so if we lose the edges it does not hurt our purposes at all since its just black space.

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