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Social widgets, such as the now-ubiquitous Facebook “Like” button and Twitter “Tweet” button, offer users a convenient way to share online content with their friends and followers. These widgets have recently come under scrutiny for their privacy implications. Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal each time a user visits a webpage that contains one of the respective company’s widgets:

Customizing Facebook Like Button

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The change from ‘become a fan’ to the ‘like button’ is huge. It has removed a barrier for users to share online content with their friends in one easy click (if already logged into Facebook). Think about it becoming a fan is a serious matter but liking a site, article or photo is easier and less intimidating.

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While these social widgets may well pose no real threat to privacy, some especially privacy-sensitive users might be wary of the risk of being “tracked” by a social networking service, however small that risk may be. Such concerns aren’t totally unreasonable — if, say, the browsing data collected by Facebook or Google were to be breached and subsequently de-anonymized and tied to authenticated (logged-in) users by malicious actors, the resulting privacy harms could be quite serious.

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