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Thesis 2.0 is truly the theme for Wordpress. Thesis 2.0 is more than just …

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Built for normal WordPress users, yet only über-nerds can figure it
Thesis 2 For the first time, you can control every last detail of your site and design with three revolutionary features you won't find in any other WordPress theme.
Review of thesis 2.0 for WordPress by Patrik Högberg on 16 maj 2013 this happens without moving any files or modifying any code in the theme at all Thesis 2.0 also includes a package compiler (CSS compiler).

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She purchased the Thesis WordPress theme through my affiliate link after watching my video I posted three years ago To put it mildly, she was NOT a happy camper, If you are interested in learning more about Thesis 2.0.

We also offering Wordpress Theme Customization for existing and new themes.

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Thesis 2.0 is perfect for RWD (responsive web design) since it easy to style boxes with media queries, however some custom CSS have to be used in the style packages to make it work well. In fact I tend to use the custom CSS of each package since it is easier to work with than the point and click interface to CSS styles. You can use both in any way you want, the styles will be compiled upon save to a single compact stylesheet for the whole skin/theme automagically.

Thesis WordPress Theme Review – Thesis 2.0

Just to compare, all other commercial themes that is supposed to be the best, only have a stylish front, as soon as you want any customizations, you need to dissekt the whole theme making updates more or less impossible. Most commercial themes do not think about making WordPress effective, they add on several extra JavaScript, CSS and make unnecessary access to DB tables not optimized for the task. This is why thesis shines above all this, you get the best of the best and still be able to do any customization you want.

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I have worked with the WordPress platform a long time and also the thesis theme from the beginning and also with a lot of other themes in consultant roles. I have used it more in a development way of helping business get their designs out. I have also a lot of experience with many other business themes for WordPress such as Elegant Themes. My findings in this article is based on my own experience working with thesis 2.0 together with other web designers in the last 4 months.

The below review is of Thesis 1.8.5 and NOT a Thesis 2.0 review

To create a slim and performant theme you must have full control of its assets and this is where thesis 2.0 shines bright, all images that belongs to the skin/theme will be saved inside the skin assets area on disc. It has its own uploader to store the skin images in the right place and to help the designer use the correct url for the stylings, this happens without moving any files or modifying any code in the theme at all.

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The fact that Thesis 2.0 has a Free Skin 22 Awesome Thesis 2.0 Skins for Thesis Theme Sites22 Awesome Thesis Skins for Thesis 2.0 Theme.