The next example of symbolism is the Lord of the Flies itself.

The symbols in this book are very highly developed and have a lot to do with the development of Holden's character and also explain how he feels about certain things in his life.

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Briefly describe the sketetal contents of the passage in one or two sentences.

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Therefore, the term "symbol" will be used in this essay to include graphic designs, myths, events, even people and places. Further, the distinction between "symbols" and "signs" as defined by Paul Tillich (), a theologian, and C. G. Jung (), a psychiatrist, will be followed by the author. According to Tillich and Jung, a symbol, in some manner, partakes or participates in the reality towards which it points, whereas a sign simply points to something greater. Rollo May, an American psychologist, defines symbols and myths, as opposed to signs and tales, as retaining their original power to stir emotions, "to grasp us," "to demand some stand from us." () Although this definition emphasizes the affective domain, it focusses on the same point as Jung and Tillich. Thus, for this essay, an image is anything that creates for the audience a mental concept, a very broad definition. An image can, thus, be almost anything, as concrete as my wooden, #2 pencil, the landscape viewed through a window, or as broad as an abstract concept such as freedom and its many facets. A specific type of image is the graphic, which is any 2-dimensional image that is reproduced by a human agency through any means or process. A sign is anything that points to something beyond itself, and may do so because someone or some organization has so designated its meaning or because it has a cultural or traditional significance. A symbol is any sign which also has an inherent connection to that greater thing or image to which it points, A myth is a symbolic image, usually a story or other narrative and without regard to whether it is fact or fiction, that points to a greater truth and gives us a deeper understanding of that truth.

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Moreover, a study of symbols necessarily ranges across broad categories such as the religious, psychological, anthropological, literary, artistic, linguistic, and related fields. Each of these fields of study tends to approach symbols, signs, myths, and related concepts from its own perspective. This broad interest is derived from the simple fact that symbols form part of our individual mentalities as well as being integral to our cultures. But what is a "symbol"? Sometimes the word is used to mean an item that stimulates deeply rooted emotions, at other times it is used to mean an arbitrary design that an individual or an authoritative body has designated to have a specific meaning within specific contexts. There are even those who seek a middle ground by saying that a symbol is anything which points to another, greater thing. One lexiconic compiler defined symbols and metaphors as "wherever a 'signifier' communicates anything beyond its own superficial exterior." This author includes, among other examples of symbols, traffic signals. (Hans Biedermann, Dictionary of Symbols, vii) So, for any particular item, one writer calls it a symbol, another says it is a sign, while a third may denigrate it as a signal. It all depends on how the individual writer is using the terms--and this, in turn, is often dependent upon how the author's colleagues use the terms within their intellectual discipline.

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The caption reads: "Overlook Hotel-July 4th Ball-1921." The answer to this puzzle, which is a master key to unlocking the whole movie, is that most Americans overlook the fact that July Fourth was no ball, nor any kind of Independence day, for native Americans; that the weak American villain of the film is the re-embodiment of the American men who massacred the Indians in earlier years; that Kubrick is examining and reflecting on a problem that cuts through the decades and centuries.

And in a final stroke of brilliance, Kubrick physically melds the movie audience leaving his film with the ghostly revelers in the photograph.