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He was able to tell a lot about people, including their past experiences, how they were feeling, and what they wished and feared, just by simply encouraging them to speak whatever came to mind....

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(Then follows one or more paragraphs to complete the 2nd section with examples and discussion).

Freud further explains this statement of his by ..

This type of writing lends itself naturally to a version of dream-interpretation, as this story structure mirrors the structure of the mind—the restrained, composed tip of the unconscious and the vast body of subconscious that is censored by the ego....

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Some writers do the reverse — they first create the categories (the names for their major ideas) and then find examples and explanations to flesh out those categories. Either approach is fine.

He provided many insights on the human mind, and thoughts on how to treat issues in it.

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This is especially tempting and dangerous
You're writing about literature; of course there are literary devices
Exploring the use of literary devices should typically be part of your analysis, not your thesis
What meaning do these devices create?

is thesis-worthy!
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A main idea you care about/have an interest in (

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After writing the first draft, we look it over and create a DEVELOPED THESIS STATEMENT. A developed thesis statement is created after you have seen what you have written in a draft. A typical developed thesis statement tends to be a compound or complex sentence, relatively long, and its content tends to be very specific. For instance, we might write one of the following DEVELOPED THESIS STATEMENTS:

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Narrowing our topic to Hamlet’s personality (since we seem to have the most information on that — 3 categories — and because it’s the issue that most interests us). A tentative thesis statement is your best guess about what the main point of your essay will be before you have written the first draft. A typical tentative thesis statement tends to be a simple sentence, relatively short, and its content tends to be general rather than very specific. For instance, we might write one of the following tentative thesis statements:

This transfers to analyzing writing in order to obtain a meaning behind the text.

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“By the mid 1970s the cultural image of existentialism had become a cliché, parodized in countless books and films by Woody Allen.” (123 Help me) According one website I researched, all about philosophy states the definition of Existentialism is: “Existentialism is a 20th century philosophy concerned with human...

Two of those theorists, Freud and Erikson, were instrumental in creating a foundation for child-psychology to build on.

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In a developed thesis statement, the main ideas are named in the order in which we intend to discuss them. Hence the difference between #3 and #4 is this: in #3, Hamlet’s indecision is the least important idea (and hence will be discussed first in the essay), his hasty actions are the next most important idea (and hence will be discussed second), and his Oedipal complex is the most important idea (and hence will be discussed third). In #4, however, his hasty actions are the least important idea, his Oedipal complex is the next most important idea, and his indecision is the most important idea. In #5, the “Because” clause at the beginning of the sentence signals that the Oedipal complex is the cause of the other two traits and thus is the most important. Hamlet’s indecision is the least important, and his hasty actions are the next most important. In other words, the forecast functions as a mini-outline of the essay. This fact helps the writer stay on track and it helps readers understand the development of your ideas and of your essay.

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In this case, however, the creature also mediates between its neurotic creator and societal values, just as the Freudian ego, conditioned by the reality principle, mediates between external reality and inner turmoil through practicality....