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The Causes of the American Revolution
America being a great nation has evolved over the years. The evolution of America came with a lot of challenges and effect. One of the causes of the American evolution is the Indian and French war. The war took place in Ohio River valley and lasted for seven years. The war between the French and British was basically about land claiming and the British were the ones who won the battle.
The French lost the battle with the British and were forced to leave the North American part for good. The Americans were the ones who benefited because they were all rationalized equally. The war between the French and British signified power, it was all about who was more powerful to obtain much land. One of the main effect of the revolution of America was the independence, this was to show the rest of the world that America was finally alone and not under the British colonial rule.
This changed everything especially because America was now an independent country. America was now away from the British rule and was proud of it and that is why they decided to put the iconic declaration of independence. The French lost the war because they thought that they had backup from the Indians but in the end the Indians run away with their boats through the Mississippi. British also lost a lot of soldiers in the war. After the British had lost a lot of soldiers they also had a huge debt they had to pay and this was not good for their economy and it also influenced the independence of America.

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The glorious revolution is a very important event in history for multiple reasons.

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Topic of my essay: The Industrial Revolution’s impacts Purpose of my essay: To prove that the Industrial Revolution impacted society positively and how its changes were good Deconstructed Essay I. Intro: (provide the important information that will introduce the topic of your essay and lead into the thesis) • The Industrial Revolution was a period of transition beginning in Great Britain in which traditional hand work was replaced with machinery and business along with technology flourished....

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Although the role of women did change, it is important to understand their position before the revolutions in order to wager how their role changed and of course, to what extent.

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He had set Mexico as a Democracy but he realized the country wasn't ready for it and promoted himself Dictator.
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Santa Anna marched North to try and claim Texas for Mexico.

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In 1774, King Louis XVI made a decision that could have prevented the French Revolution by breathing new life into the French economy: he appointed Physiocrat Robert Turgot as Controller General of Finance....