Great Wall China Thesis Statement

Waldron’s view on the reasons for building the Great Wall of China
On analyzing the position of Arthur Waldron, his view on the Great Wall of China as a product of the policy of Ming dynasty created in the result of the specific conditions that existed at Ming court at the epoch is undeniable. He argues that the Great Wall of China was consistently improved and enlarged at the epoch of the rule of Ming dynasty (Waldron, 151) that proves that it was not a historical trend but rather the result of the current policy of Ming Dynasty.

Thesis Statement About The Great Wall Of China

Thesis statement about the great wall of china

The Great Wall of China Research Paper

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The author underlines that the part of the Great Wall of China, which was constructed prior to Ming dynasty, could hardly be viewed as a serious protection from the potential military threat from the North. The parts of the Wall constructed by the predecessors of Ming dynasty create poor fortifications that could not be effective in the protection of China against attack of Mongols1 (Waldron, 133), though it created certain obstacles on the way of Mongols to rapid occupation of a large part of Chinese territory. Arthur Waldron argues that Ming dynasty attempted to improve the existing fortification and introduced sophisticated watchtowers but, as the further history shown, even these fortifications and measures undertaken by Ming dynasty in regard to the strengthening the defensive power of the Great Wall of China were not very effective because the Wall did not stop Mongolian attacks and they broke through the fortification attacking China.

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Such a policy of Ming dynasty seems to be strange, taking into consideration the fact that the Wall could not fully protect China from attacks of Mongols. Instead, the Wall and its watchtowers could just inform them about the approaching enemy and make essential preparations. Arthur Waldron argues that the defensive function was not prior in the construction of the Wall, but it was rather the effort of Ming court to maintain control over the population of China. The unifying effect of the building of the Wall was much more important to Ming dynasty than the Wall, as a defensive barrier. Waldron believes that Ming dynasty at the epoch was weak in its foreign as well as domestic policy being unable to oppose to Mongols attacks and unify the nation using other means but the wall-building. Consequently, the construction of the Wall was the only response of the dynasty to the major challenges of the epoch, including the problem of the growing internal disparity of Chinese people and separatist trends developed by the opponents of Ming dynasty, which negative effects could be minimized through the involvement of Chinese people in the common work that united them. In relations with Mongols, Ming dynasty could not defeat its Northern neighbors and, therefore, Ming dynasty decided to construct the Wall to separate China from Mongols. The Wall was a dead-end in the foreign policy of Ming proving the inability of the dynasty to solve the “Mongolian problem”, instead, the dynasty preferred to build the Wall and forget about it, demonstrating Mongols the potential and probable power of China.

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The arguments of Waldron are convincing concerning the unifying power of the construction of the Great Wall because it would be a mistake to deny that such a great work made by Chinese people could fail to unite them. Chinese people were united by the Great Wall of China that demonstrated the richness and power of Chinese people and its ability to create such fortifications. The Wall stimulated the formation of the national identity and this was another major reason for the construction of the Wall by Ming dynasty, since it was the epoch when the formation of Chinese nation and new ideology based on the concept of uniqueness, difference and superiority of Chinese people compared to Mongols was important to Ming dynasty to maintain its power and influence.