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There always seems to be a contradiction between conserving heritage and urban development of a city. The social, economic and cultural issues area often ignited controversial debates. Nowadays in Hong Kong, the common practice in urban renewal is complete demolition of redundant buildings and replaced with skyscrapers. However, who to judge the justifications of inevitability of each historic building? Layers and layers of history, information and age values are added in contributing to the richness of a city. What makes a place so special and different is indeed the sense of values and the collective memories of the community. New architecture always build on top of the old while potentially creating the heritage of tomorrow. Allowing the city to move forward does not mean to abandon the past. Layers of the story of a place should be revealed to the public. Hence the retention of the cultural heritage values of the past is a key contributor.

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ICT based Introduction Sustainable development is one of the greatest challenges of today.

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Phd Thesis On Sustainable Development

BUP focuses on questions of sustainable development, environmental protection, and democracy in the Baltic Sea region In 2000, the United Nations adopted a set of eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to improve the lives of the poorest people on Earth.

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Critical Reassessment of the Dynamics between the Extractive Industry and Sustainable Development: The Case of Mali Abstract / Thesis.
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PHD(CANTAB) Development economics, economic growth This will be the final deadline although the thesis is expected to be finished within three years.
(PhD) February 2011 research reported in this thesis was initiated to address these issues in the UK, principal criteria of sustainable development.
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There is a reconciling conservation and sustainable development within.
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ESPER Controversies around CSR and sustainable development: The role of stakeholders in institutional hypocrisy Thesis proposal.Thesis Proposal.

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