This essay hopes to clarify the notion of fate in the play.

This speech is full of irony, starting with Oedipus' statement "...speaking as one who has no connection with this affair, nor with the murder." The irony here, being that he is the murderer....

Macbeth's own fickle constitution showed his lack of faith in fate.

In the play, Oedipus the King, that special force is also used and is known and defined as fate.

Oedipus saved the city once before and became a hero.

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The story of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles seems to prove truth in both of these statements, that there is a life predetermined for you yet you can alter your life, but you can not escape your prophecy....

This statement by Aristotle reflects the ideas portrayed in the play Oedipus Rex.

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It is recognized by many titles, such as its Latin title "Oedipus Rex" and "Oedipus Tyrannus." Sophocles' performed this play at the annual festival of Dionysus--a religious festival, which celebrated Dionysus, the god of intoxication, death, and fertility....

"Fate versus free will in Macbeth." ..

Macbeth, upon seeing some truth in the witches’ prophecies, chose to believe all that they spoke and yet occasionally felt that he needed to give fate a hand The weird sisters, consider that fate is...

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Before Oedipus is born, his parents receive an uncanny prophecy, which states that their child would grow up and kill his father and have children with his mother.

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Here is a possibility: "Lady Macbeth works to manipulate her husband into believing in the possibility of free will, but Shakespeare puts them in a world controlled by fate." A better thesis might be produced by trying to answer the question, "Why does Lady Macbeth want her husband to believe in the possibility of free will? What does he believe in now? Will believing in free will threaten his present worldview?"

In the Prologue, the protagonist lays down the statement for the rest of the play to proceed....

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Soon after the murders of Duncan and Banquo, Macbeth comes to visit the witches again. But before the “something wicked” is coming, the witches are mixing their potions for Macbeth’s arrival. It is quite interesting to see that if we add up all the ingredients, we can get a monster. This may suggest that Macbeth, after the successive murders, is now a half-man, half-monster. In Act 4 Scene 1, when Macbeth revisits the witches, he speaks in extraordinary boldness; he tires to challenge the witches’ prophecies. He commands the witches to answer him. Although this language may match his status as a King, note that the witches in the play are also representing fates. So this mean, Macbeth is trying to disregard fate and this contribute to his downfall. Superficially, Macbeth seems to be ungrateful to the witches but really, he is so dependant on them and their prophecies. His demand for more prophecies and explanations from the witches shows that he is superstitious. The role of the witches in to reveal Macbeth’s potential to be evil.

Oedipus was aware that he was responsible for his actions and he made the choice of stabbing his own eyes out....

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We know that most people consider Macbeth to be a good and a brave man at the start of the book, for example King Duncan himself refers to him as “O valiant cousin, worthy gentleman!” He is admired for his skills in battle by everyone.