The Battle of Antietam: A Two Fold Turning Point - Thesis

The relevance of the battle can be attributed to the recorded impact that the battle inflicted to the American people. In fact, the war can be termed as the most catastrophic and the bloodiest of all civil battles that ever occurred in American history. The importance of the battle can be looked at in two dimensions; first, the impact that the battle had on the soldiers and the impacts of the battle to the state. The general outcome of the battles to the American state is overwhelming. The conflicts that sparked off this war are based on the Maryland Campaign. The final outcome of this war is highly regrettable to the Confederate side. Their retreat from the war is highly regarded as the major factor that led to the success of the Union forces.

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The weaponry of the South played an important role in the Battle of Antietam.

The Battle of Antietam was fought on September 17, 1862

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Thesis Statement For The Battle Of Antietam

Sadly, this story is not as uncommon as one of violence against people, they exhibit highly stubborn characteristics that make them difficult to control, and such bans have proven to be extremely effective....

The Battle of Gettysburg roared on for three whole days until the North, finally, was victorious.

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The fundamental concept of ranking wars according to the level of significance can be attributed to the fact that every warring side has an objective which prompts it to engage in the war. For the full attainment of the objectives, the groups may have to go through a series of sacrificial battles. The battles eventually determine their fate in the aftermath of the wars. In the history of the American Civil wars, there was an element of major struggle with the rebels. The various wars had significant meaning to the final recognition of the United States as a sovereign nation capable of defending and advancing its territorial interests. The advent of the civil wars was a critical element as the nation was able to chart its future prospects and attain full settlement in own rightfully acquired grounds. There can never be peace without concerted efforts to achieve it. The key element in the attainment of individual freedom is through the ability to show bravery in the face of circumstances that are working against the final attainment of that peace.

was won by the south except the Battle of Antietam.

An all-round and multi-inclusive series of civil wars that the United States went through reveals a great deal of total sub-ordination of egocentric needs at the expense of the interests of the nation. Such is the devotion and self denial that the soldiers portrayed in the series of the civil wars that went on almost at the same time. Antietam, Gettysburg and Vicksburg are battles that took place almost at the same time whose implications in the American people are immense. The three major battles had lasting implications to the society as a whole both in the atrocities that were witnessed and the extent of achievement that the warring parties obtained as result of the battles.

The battles forced Lee out of northern soil and gave the Union a victor

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I would like a research paper on the Battle of Antietam during the civil war in the United States. You will prepare an analysis of a Civil War battle using the Eicher readings and the attached outline for a 3-5 page (exclusive of title page and bibliography) double-spaced report, using Times New Roman in 12-font.

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The bloodiest single day in American history, the Battle of Antietam turned back Robert E. Lee’s first Northern invasion. Though tactically a draw, it was enough of a win to permit President Abraham Lincoln to announce his Emancipation Proclamation in its wake. When Lee’s adversary, Major General George B. McClellan failed to pursue following the battle, Lincoln removed him from command. Learn more about the Battle of Antietam.

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Throughout history, important battles have occurred whose significance has been immense to the sides involved. When a battle takes place, there are a myriad of repercussions that definitely befall the groups in the antagonism. Thus battles have significant impacts not only to the soldiers who are involved in the battle but also the community at large. Various battles have occurred in history whose magnitude and intensity varies from one battle to another. However, the underlying importance of these wars can be best determined by the eventual outcome and the extent to which each group’s objectives were achieved. Determining the significance of a war is in a way a tasking activity. Nevertheless, paying a blind eye to the atrocious effects that are prevalent in any given war, we can try to find the level of relevance if comparisons are done for different wars.