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The term “areas of critical environmental concern” means areas within the public lands where special management attention is required (when such areas are developed or used or where no development is required) to protect and prevent irreparable damage to important historic, cultural, or scenic values, fish and wildlife resources or other natural systems or processes, or to protect life and safety from natural hazards. THESIS ON RIVER WATER POLLUTION

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The wildlife-habitat mantra is most often invoked in the context of USFS and BLM management. But the multiple-use mandates given to both agencies require that these lands be managed for fish and wildlife purposes, with no distinction made between wildlife and wildlife habitat. The multiple-use mandates provide USFS and BLM considerable discretion, but that does not mean that the agencies can arbitrarily opt out of managing fish and wildlife where laws or regulations require such management.

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The Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness reminds residents to use care when using portable natural gas, propane or butane heaters for warmth in areas of poor ventilation, as they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. When using any portable heater beware of flammable surroundings.

So, water pollution means the change in the water composition to be dirty or unclear.

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In our oceans, rivers, and other inland waters are being "compressed" by human activities.

The land pollution is caused by solid wastes and chemicals

Wilderness character is a holistic concept based on the interaction of (1) biophysical environments primarily free from modern human manipulation and impact, (2) personal experiences in natural environments relatively free from the encumbrances and signs of modern society, and (3) symbolic meanings of humility, restraint, and interdependence that inspire human connection with nature. Taken together, these tangible and intangible values define wilderness character and distinguish wilderness from all other lands.

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Subsistence is defined by ANILCA as “the customary and traditional uses by rural Alaska residents of wild, renewable resources for direct personal or family consumption.” More colloquially, it refers to rural hunting, fishing, and gathering of resources for personal use. When ANILCA was originally passed, the intent of the statute was for the state to administer the subsistence hunting program (like all other hunting programs) on federal lands, and merely required that the state abide by ANILCA’s requirements. It soon became clear, however, that the state could not implement the rural subsistence preference because it violated the state’s constitutional requirement for equal access to fish and game, according the Alaska Supreme Court. Several efforts were made to amend the Alaska constitution so that the state could reclaim authority over all hunting, but those attempts were never successful. In 1990, the Federal Subsistence Board, which mirrors the functions of the state’s Board of Game, was created, and the federal government began to assume control of subsistence hunting on federal lands.

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The Department of the Interior sought to provide more guidance on federal-state relationships through a policy statement in 1983. In essence, Department of Interior’s Policy simply recognizes some of the principles of wildlife federalism that we covered in Parts II and III.A of the Article, from states as trustees of wildlife to federal constitutional powers to manage wildlife. For example, the Policy states that “[f]ederal authority exists for specified purposes while State authority regarding fish and resident wildlife remains the comprehensive backdrop applicable in the absence of specific, overriding Federal Law.”