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A 15 page paper examining whether higher standards result in better academic performance. Today's discipline concerns have progressed to that of physical safety, both for teachers and students. Discipline problems are blamed on TV, society and learning disabilities, among other reasons. But consistently, it is the school with the greatest expectations of students and the most clearly stated disciplinary actions for specific infractions that has the least need for resorting to their stated consequence, all while producing students of academic achievement that is well above national mean. Parochial schools have more freedom to rid themselves of 'troublemakers,' but surprisingly, the average suspension rate from parochial school is far less than the expulsion rate of public high schools. The difference appears to lie in higher expectations for students. Bibliography lists 20 sources.

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To some, DISCIPLINE is a way of life, and to others, DISCIPLINE is something they were taught.

The effect of school discipline on students' social bonds

After controlling for several background variables that are shown by previous research to influence youths' school social bonds and delinquency, the analyses did not find school disciplinary actions or school social bonds to be a significant predictor of delinquency.

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The key to establishing good discipline at school lies in learners accepting the educator’s authority to manage their behaviour and their progress in learning.

3)What are the school and organizational characteristics that are associated with the way in which students are disciplined?

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A 3 page research paper that examines a teachers' contract in the state of New York. The typical teachers' contract covers basic job related categories, such as compensation, benefits, hours, leave policy and retirement benefits; however, the typical contract in the US also contains clauses that are essential to school management. Such clauses include job assignment; class size and caseloads; safety conditions; evaluation and grievance procedures and school discipline policy (EDP, 2005). In the confrontational system of bargaining, which is patterned after the private sector, both sides present a list of demands prior to opening negotiations (EDP, 2005). In general, boards of education do not generally present a list of demands, but they do expect contract to include clauses that are significant to school management. Two of these are discussed. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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A 3 page paper which addressesthe book �Classroom Discipline: A Management Guide for Christian School Teachers,�written by Ollie Gibbs and Jerry L. Haddock. This book addresses some very interestingaspects of discipline that have little to do with Christianity, but instead illustrate manydifferent, and effective, models for discipline in the classroom. While the methods do notalways appear to apply only to Christian based schools, indicating that they can beimplemented in public schools to some degree, it is obvious in many ways that the basicbackground for much of the techniques are founded on Biblical beliefs. No additionalsources cited.

Additionally, disciplinary responses to violations depend on the type of violation, not necessarily on the racial or poverty make-up of the school.

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(11 pp) The issue of school uniforms in public school remains a debated one. Those in favor of a uniform method of dressing for school feel it aids in discipline and student attitude. Those who are opposed to public school uniforms are basing their decisions on an emotional premise, which does not have much validity. This discussion is in favor of implementing public school uniforms (within our district.) Bibliography lists 10 sources.

It was originally written for graduate students in physics, and mostof the specific examples given are taken from that discipline.

Do school uniforms encourage discipline

(11 pp) The issue of school uniforms in public school remains a debated one. Those in favor of a uniform method of dressing for school feel it aids in discipline and student attitude; those opposed claim it takes away a child's individuality. Let'sexamine both sides of the issue. Bibliographylists 10 sources.

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An 8 page paper discussing just how hard-line the no-nonsense approach to school discipline really is, particularly in light of increasing incidents of violence. The zero tolerance stance superficially appears to be a harsh one, but it provides students with a safeenvironment in which to learn and removes the necessity of testing ever-changing limits. Students in zero tolerance schools have no need to continually test the limits because they are unchanging. They are free to learn; teachers are free to teach. The paper uses the example of two New Yorkschools sharing a building but little else. One is the worst-performing school in the district; the other is the best. The best-performing also practices zero tolerance and accountability. Bibliography lists 10 sources.