Popular Sans-Serif Fonts include:

Introducing My first sans font. Carrol, a classic sans with alternates!Carrol is a classic and modern sans with alternates in each alphabets! Every alphabet have alternates up to 3 kinds! This font fits in any project. You can use it for a tittle, logo, quotes, or become a pairing in any script font. This font also support multi language!You can get 6 style with italic in every style. Available in OTF and TTF. This font included:

Listing of CJK fonts, as of 2009. [] []

Impressive collection of such an useful fonts. Good to have these fonts in one place. Thanks a ton!

Chinese designer of the paperclip typeface Kang (2017). [] []

Korean company that developed the freeware Hangul fonts Baekmuk Dotum (sans), Baekmuk Batang (serif), Baekmuk Gulim (warm rounded sans) and Baekmuk Headline (heavy). All fonts were made by JeongHwan Kim between 1986 and 2002, and cover Korean, Japanese and Chinese. . [] []

Chinese creator of the pixel font family Laoism (2010). [] []

Type designer from Hong Kong who graduated from the in 2016. His graduation typeface is Havil, a multiscript (Latin, Arabic and Chinese) typeface family for branding and business documents. This beautifully balanced typeface was inspired by 19th century British and French letterpress poster typefaces. [] []

A few simplified Chinese fonts in the CFMIN family, in truetype. [] []

or any other sans serif font, ..

We know that typography can be used as a way of mutual understanding between you and your users. To communicate effectively, typography requires appropriate typefaces as there are a lot of unsung fonts out there that have really inspired us. Color and size of type elements are much more prevalent than in text typography. Most display typography exploits type at larger sizes, where the details of letter design are magnified. Color is used for its emotional effect in conveying the tone and nature of subject matter.

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I would love to change fonts for my Header tags but I have the Thesis theme on WordPress so whatever font you use shows up for every post. You can’t pick and chose and I don’t like the plug-in people recommend for changing fonts.

Guangzhou, China-based designer of the paperclip or neon light typeface One Touch (2014). [] []

Download TheSans Plain font free for Windows and Mac

Jadrien Serif + Sans Serif Duo Font Family Pack is an eye catching typeface let you create more impression with your design. This will look gorgeous on logos, titles, web layouts, branding, wedding invites, business cards, and quotes, t-shirt, branding & logo projects, merchandise, social media posts, product packaging, and more.

Wuhan, China-based designer of the sans typeface family Nelson (2014). [] []

The best website for free high-quality Thesis The Sans fonts, ..

carries part of the DynaComware collection. See also and . The latter link has these DynaComware fonts: DFBangShuStd-W8, DFBiaoKaiShuStd-W5, DFBiaoSongStd-W4, DFCaiDaiStd-W7, DFDouDouStd-W3, DFDouDouStd-W5, DFFangSongStd-W2, DFFangSongStd-W4, DFFangSongStd-W6, DFFangYuanStd-W7, DFGangBiStd-W2, DFGirlStd-W3, DFGirlStd-W5, DFGirlStd-W7, DFGuYinStd-W5, DFHaiBaoStd-W12, DFHaiBaoStd-W9, DFHeiStd-W12, DFHeiStd-W3, DFHeiStd-W5, DFHeiStd-W7, DFHeiStd-W9, DFHuaZongStd-W5, DFHuiZongStd-W5, DFJinWenStd-W3, DFKaiShuStd-W3, DFKaiShuStd-W5, DFKaiShuStd-W7, DFKaiShuStd-W9, DFKanTingLiuStd-W9, DFKangKaiStd-W5, DFKuoTaiBeiStd-W4, DFLiHeiStd-W3, DFLiHeiStd-W5, DFLiHeiStd-W7, DFLiKaiShuStd-W5, DFLiKingHeiStd-W8, DFLiShuStd-W3, DFLiShuStd-W5, DFLiShuStd-W7, DFLiSongStd-W3, DFLiSongStd-W5, DFLiSongStd-W7, DFLiYuanStd-W7, DFLiYuanStd-W8, DFLianLianStd-W2, DFLianLianStd-W4, DFLiuLiStd-W5, DFLiuLiStd-W7, DFLiuXianStd-W3, DFLiuYeStd-W3, DFLungMenStd-W9, DFMingStd-W12, DFMingStd-W3, DFMingStd-W5, DFMingStd-W7, DFMingStd-W9, DFMoStd-W9, DFNewChuanStd-W5, DFOYangXunStd-W5, DFPOP1Std-W5, DFPOP1Std-W7, DFPOP1Std-W9, DFPOP2Std-W9, DFPOP3Std-W12, DFPuDingStd-W12, DFPuDingStd-W7, DFShiYiStd-W5, DFSoZingStd-W3, DFSuMoStd-W12, DFTanKaiStd-W5, DFTanLiStd-W5, DFTanLiStd-W7, DFTieXianStd-W3, DFTongTongStd-W3, DFWZMingStd-W4, DFWaWaStd-W5, DFWaWaStd-W7, DFWeiBeiStd-W7, DFXingKaiStd-W5, DFXingShuStd-W5, DFYaYiStd-W6, DFYanKaiStd-W5, DFYanKaiStd-W7, DFYanKaiStd-W9, DFYeaSongStd-W9, DFYingHeiStd-W7, DFYuanStd-W12, DFYuanStd-W3, DFYuanStd-W5, DFYuanStd-W7, DFYuanStd-W8, DFYuanStd-W9, DFYuanYuanStd-W2, DFYuanYuanStd-W4, DFZongKaiStd-W7, DFZongYiStd-W5, DFZongYiStd-W7, DFZongYiStd-W9. [] []

Step 4: Save your changes, then upload the HTML/CSS and fonts to the folder you specified on your web server.

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Cordaro Sans Serif Typeface is a minimal clean sans serif font family, which contains 2 weights and It features unique and modern sans serif look and feel. Perfect for gorgeous logos, titles, web layouts and branding. It looks gorgeous in all caps with a wide-set spacing if you want to try a classy look, or beautiful on its own in capital and lowercase letters for something completely timeless.