NURS 3901H. Honors Nursing Thesis Tutorial (Sp, Su, Fa). 1 Hour.

This theory course emphasizes the utilization of the nursing process in providing palliative care for clients with chronic or terminal illnesses up to the end of life. Supportive and compassionate therapies of clients and their families will be emphasized.

NURS 4013 Introduction to the Research Process: 3 semester hours.

Courses are restricted to students admitted to the Faculty of Nursing.

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Students desiring to change their major to pre-nursing must meet with an academic advisor in the University College or the Office of Pre-Nursing Advising to complete a Change of Major Form prior to the early registration period. Likewise, the same procedure applies to a pre-nursing major seeking a change in academic study.

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Applications for admission to the Baccalaureate Nursing Program (clinical studies upper division) are received in the spring and fall semesters to the Prairie View A&M University, Office of Student Services (Houston, transfer students) and Pre-Nursing Advising and Office of Admissions. Students must be fully admitted to the university before being considered for acceptance in the College of Nursing. Admission is competitive and on space availability. Deadlines for applications are March 1st for fall admission and September 1st for spring admission.

B. Declaratory Order Petition Request Form from the College of Nursing

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Nursing practices in caring for the chronically ill. A focus on practices to achieve healthful transitions and preservation of quality of life are emphasized. Common treatment modalities are presented including nursing therapeutics and pharmacological approaches to management of common chronic diseases. Tertiary prevention is emphasized and concepts and approaches to ongoing health assessment, health education, self-management, harm reduction, support, restoration, and palliation are addressed.

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This focused clinical experience, supported by two corequisite substantive nursing option theory courses, is aimed at refining critical thinking and competent use of theoretic frameworks and evidence to support clinical reasoning processes including: comprehensive assessment, holistic analysis and interpretation of client data, and competence and confidence in clinical decision-making. Students will choose a focused area of nursing practice.

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This course explores knowledge related to the current health care system, systems of care responsive to the needs of clients with chronic health disruptions, and nursing roles of leadership and delegation. Evidence examining the efficacy of systems of care and the efficacy of nursing roles, practices, and contributions are highlighted. Examination of selected approaches to nursing research.

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Experience of living with chronic health challenges, including common complications. Epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic studies, complex physical and other nursing assessments relevant to common chronic health challenges, including mental health disorders. A holistic perspective is taken to examine the challenges of ongoing health management faced by populations of chronically ill individuals and their families.

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Theoretic understanding of the holistic experience of acuity and life-threat for individuals and families is presented. Epidemiology, pathophysiology, diagnostic studies, complex physical and other nursing assessments relevant to common life-threatening health challenges, including mental health disorders.