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 Please contact the  if you would like to translate the prospectus into another language.

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Okay, so is the final prospectus for a thesis writing class

It istherefore important that your prospectus convey its subject matter inas clear a fashion as possible, and that it not make too many demandsupon its readers in regard to knowing specialized terminology or aboutdebates within a given field.

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This is the section that willconvince your committee there is something to your project, so be sure youspend time making it as strong as you can. That does not mean that you need togo to every archive before you present your prospectus, but it does mean youneed to have some fairly coherent idea of what archives are relevant, what theycontain, and how you hope to use the materials in them.

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In order to enroll in Thesis I -- HIST 6398 -- students must establish a Thesis Committee and submit a Thesis Prospectus by the following dates:

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There are no hard and fast rulesabout this, the prospectus should be as long as it has to be. Ideally, you willshow several drafts to your dissertation advisor and get feedback on whethermaterial can be cut or needs to be added. It is better to be concise thanrambling, but it is also better to treat every part of the prospectus as fullyas necessary. Twenty-five pages are probably the minimum (plus a bibliographythat lists both primary and secondary sources) and forty-five pages (notincluding the bibliography) is probably an outer limit. Much will depend on howmany fields you need to engage in your literature review or how complicatedyour methodology is.

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Below is a prospectus for . This document has been updated in line with the final RDA text supplied to the co-publishers for the first release.

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At the same time, it is the core ofyour prospectus. A brilliant thesis, set off by a stunning literature review,is worthless if there is no evidence that will enable you to back up yourclaims. In this section you must show that it is at least more likely than notthat there are sources out there that you expect to be able to use and you mustoffer some sense of how you will use them. If you hope to study ideas ofjustice in early seventeenth century Florida, you need to talk about what youexpect will reveal those ideas—legal sources, literary sources, letters andreports, even structural remnants might be plausible bits of evidence tosupport your theory. So here is where you need to set those different sourcesout, indicate where they are (or where you think they are), how you hope to usethem, and that you can use them (ie, prove that you can make good use of anarchive full of Spanish language texts).