Individual research or investigation with Computer Science faculty.

The study and critical analysis of computer games as art objects, cultural artifacts, gateways to virtual worlds, educational aids, and tools for persuasion and social change. Emphasis on understanding games in their historical and cultural context.

COMPSCI 200S. Seminar in Computer Science Research. 1 Unit.

New students are not admitted directly to the Information and Computer Science major.

Individual research or investigation with Computer Science faculty.

Written and oral communication for computer science and IT careers. Production of the detailed design and development document for the concurrent capstone design class and refinement of written documents and oral communications skills needed for a successful job search.

I&C SCI 6D. Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science. 4 Units.

Neural network and deep learning from multiple perspectives. Theory of parallel distributed processing systems, algorithmic approaches for learning from data in various manners, applications to difficult problems in AI from computer vision, to natural language understanding, to bioinformatics and chemoinformatics.

Studies in selected areas of Information and Computer Science. Topics addressed vary each quarter.

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Introduces the problems of computer vision through the application of computational photography. Specific topics include photo-editing (image warping, compositing, hole filling), panoramic image stitching, and face detection for digital photographs.

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Basic models for quantum computation and their foundations in quantum mechanics. Quantum complexity classes and quantum algorithms, including algorithms for factoring and quantum simulation. Introduction to quantum information theory and quantum entanglement.

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Introduction to the principles of interactive 2D and 3D computer game development. Concepts in computer graphics, algorithms, software engineering, art and graphics, music and sound, story analysis, and artificial intelligence are presented and are the basis for student work.

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Introduction to the fundamental principles of 3D computer graphics including polygonal modeling, geometric transformations, visibility algorithms, illumination models, texturing, and rasterization. Use of an independently-learned 3D graphics API to implement these techniques.

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Covers fundamental concepts in the design and analysis of algorithms and is geared toward non-specialists in theoretical computer science. Topics include: deterministic and randomized graph algorithms, fundamental algorithmic techniques like divide-and-conquer strategies and dynamic programming, and NP-completeness.

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Definition of parallel processing systems. Theory and application of arrays, trees, and hypercubes. Computational models, applications: sorting, integer arithmetic, matrix operations, Fast Fourier Transform, and others. Interconnection networks: a framework for the description, analysis, and construction of hypercube-derived networks.

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The use of theories and methods based on computer science, mathematics, and physics in molecular biology and biochemistry. Basics in biomolecular modeling. Analysis of sequence and structural data of biomolecules. Analysis of biomolecular functions.