The problem is that Microsoft Word 2003 sees the paper you have created as a single document stretching from page 1 (title page) to the end. But most teachers don't want page numbers on the title page or the introductory pages.

How many pages should a master's thesis have?

There are some rules to follow to make sure you use numbers in the right way.

MAC-Formatting Page Numbers Pagination in Microsoft Word.

Styleguide for formatting dissertations and theses - Graduate School automate the process of creating footnotes and endnotes, page numbers, and even ..

Numbering pages, chapters, and sections.

With fractions, decimals and percentages. The word 'percent' should be written out in words unless it is part of a technical report, in which case it is fine to use the mathematical symbol (%).

To fix this, go into Insert, choose Footer, Edit Footer, select the page number box, and delete it.

Break your thesis into sections and insert page numbers; ..

Type the title of the thesis using capital letters throughout. If it occupies more than one line, double space between lines. Express formulas, symbols, and abbreviations in words on the title page, even if the “shorthand” forms are conventional in your field of study and are used throughout the thesis itself. Be careful to punctuate appropriately. Use your legal name as it appears on your records in the Office of the GSIR. Your name must appear in exactly the same form each time it is used on the thesis (i.e., title page, permission-to-copy page, signatory page, vita).

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A statement granting IUJ the right to make single copies of the thesis appears following the title page in master’s theses only. It occupies a separate, unnumbered page (do not include it in the pagination) and need not be included in personal copies Type this page exactly as shown in the example near the back of this guide, and don’t forget to sign it when you submit the final copy to the Office of the GSIR.

25 you wish the page numbers to be numbers in the usual way.

The table of contents is essentially a topic outline of the thesis. It is compiled by listing the headings in the thesis down to whichever level you choose. Keep in mind that there usually is no index in a thesis, and thus a fairly detailed table of contents can serve as a useful guide for the reader. The table of contents must appear immediately after the abstract and should not show a listing for the abstract, the table of contents itself, frontispiece, epigraph, or the vita. All other items in the thesis, however, should be listed. List all chapter headings and other major divisions. Be consistent in the level of heading that you list; e.g., if you list the second-level subheadings from one chapter, you should list the second-level subheadings from all chapters that contain this level. Each level of subheading should be consistently indented a few spaces more than the preceding level. If items in the table of contents are single spaced, use dot leaders to connect each heading with its page number; dot leaders are optional with double spacing.

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When you submit the final copy of your thesis, you must include one signatory page with the original signatures of all your committee members or readers. The signatures indicate that these persons have approved the thesis as a complete and final work requiring no further alteration as an archival document. Before signing, the page must be printed or copied onto thesis-quality paper. The signatory page follows permission-to-copy page in a master’s thesis. It does not show a page number. A sample signatory page appears near the end of this guide.

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Whether or not you choose to include a copyright line on the title page, the thesis is your intellectual property. In signing the permission statement you are not relinquishing any rights, but you are making it legally possible for the University to produce a photocopy if someone wants to consult your work.