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In another development, Khandakar Ahmed and Mark Gregory at the Seventh International conference on Mobile Adhoc and Sensor Networks (2011) presented a proposed integration framework between WSN and cloud computing model as shown in Figure 3 with an objective to facilitate the shift of data from WSN to the cloud computing environment.

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stated that WSN can be a heterogeneous sensor network that consists of many low-cost and low-power sensor nodes that are more likely deployed at fixed locations. These sensor nodes can communicate with one another through Radio Frequency (RF), sense and relay sensor data to other users and compute physical attributes (e.g., pressure, temperature, motion, sound and vibration). explained that WSNs are large-scale sensor networks that monitor and observe various aspects of the natural world. An excerpt from the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency in states that sensor node networks use many devices that can compute, sense and communicate through additional devices to compile local data and formulate conclusions about the physical world. also mentioned that according to the United States National Research Council, sensor node networks are composed of a large number of sensors that are commonly used in mechanical and electrical systems to manage (i.e., effect) and observe (i.e., sense) almost all aspects of the natural world.

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WSN sim: A special framework designed for WSN is WSN sim. In java programming language it is written. To analyze nodes behavior and to understand process of routing and cluster is the main objective of WSN sim.

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These projects all involve developing software on smartphones, probably using Java on Android phones (which can be supplied), or using Objective C on iOS devices.


Such an "Internet of Things" approach will be used for the new EE&T building, and the purpose of this project is to prototype software for building a named data network that could manage building information systems and test it using data available from existing UNSW facilities systems.

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Pairwise clock synchronization for WSN concentrates on two neighboring sensor nodes that are in every other node’s communication range, for which perfect algorithms achieve precise clock synchronization and reduce random effects caused by communication delays through communication load and minimum computation. Pairwise clock synchronization for WSN in the presence of unknown exponential delays was also considered under a two-way message exchange mechanism ().

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How feasible is this? What impact will this model have with respect to user accessibility to data? This and other questions are what the WSN designers are wandering if it will be a reality.

The aim of this project is to develop such an ontology for the field of communication networks.e.g.

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A Wireless-sensor-network-based system is used in high energy requiring home appliances like white goods, audio/video devices, communication equipment, air conditioning systems, heating and cooling system, which make our homes one of the most critical areas for the impact of energy consumption in the natural environment. Zigbee is a for ece studentswhich can be implemented for automatic control of home appliances

Unfortunately layered protocol stacks and the complexity of network protocols hide from them the information needed to diagnose performance problems.

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This is a simple that is designed to protect the transformer by monitoring the parameters of a generator/ transformer such as current, voltage and temperature through the sensing devices like current transformer, temperature sensor and potential transformer, respectively; and, to monitor them from a remote location using . Three sensors are fixed at the transmitter end to form a wireless sensor networks projects with a certain range of each parameter. If these parameters exceed at the fixed limits, then the transmitter sends a signal to the receiving end by the XBEE transceiver. To switch a warning load using a relay and alerts the user through a voice module.