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English language learners have the added burden of trying to learn science in a language they have not yet mastered. The increase of English language learners in schools has spawned research about elementary students and science vocabulary that focuses on ELL students and curriculum. Many teachers mistakenly believe that ELL students must first learn English before learning science and fail to understand cultural influences on learning.

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Among the VLBs, self-efficacy showed the most significant correlation with vocabulary proficiency.

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It's easy. And I don't about your kiddos, but mine are naturally competitive. If I offer a "Vocabulary Collector of the Week" award for each class, and they are in charge of the nominations, they start bringing in some unique and fantastic collections. They try to out-do each other. I just sit back and watch it happen.

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And so..."Vocabulary Share" is now a thirty-minute Friday routine, and students share writing--even though the vocabulary-based writing is shorter than a whole writer's workshop draft. Still, they are discovering different techniques and styles from each other, and we're doing it in a shorter amount of time. Newly published sets of vocabulary words enter the classroom, and my students spend thirty minutes moving to new partners and groups, playing sharing games with those partners (like "Read a haiku, symbolic representation, or a showing sentence to your group without letting them see the definition. Who can guess the part of speech and the definition with the closest accuracy?")

The results confirmed the two-dimensional construct of vocabulary-knowledge plus skill of use.

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If you're going to establish a weekly vocabulary collecting routine like I do, I hope you'll use the first lesson below. I think it illustrates nicely the idea that an abstract collection (vocabulary words) can take a concrete form. And good collectors take pride in how they display their collections. The kids who take this first vocabulary assignment seriously are the ones who will end up with the best word collections. The kids who turn in something garbage-y for this, well, I have the opportunity to take them aside and say, "I expect all vocabulary assignments to look like you've taken pride in what you're displaying. This cover page doesn't cut it. You need to improve your efforts with vocabulary immediately, or I can safely predict that you won't be earning a very good grade from my class."

The findings also revealed for the first time the importance of motivational beliefs in vocabulary learning.

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Your vocabulary collections--after they're graded--must be stored in your class binder. The two forms I share here will fit perfectly in your binder, but I am always okay if you can create a binder-friendly alternative way to display your four words. Check these creative displays out!

Above is Shelby's example art for the word exacerbate. Click on image to visit our full lesson on Word Art and vocabulary words.

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"Famously" Celebrate your Students Who Collect Vocabulary with Excellence:"Are you famous, Mr. Harrison?" my kids like to ask me this when they actually look over my website, and they discover how many teachers follow me and use my lessons and materials; my students are fascinated by fame...even if it belongs to me. I always cryptically reply to their questions about fame with "The river is famous to the fish," which is the opening line from a poem----by the great Naomi Shihab Nye. I love her poetry, and so do my middle school-ers.

Based on a vocabulary word's meaning, students create a character who represents the word, then labels the features of the character:

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After drawing a "cover page" to introduce a special vocabulary section of their writer's (or interactive) notebooks, students will learn a format for collecting favorite words they come across during the upcoming school year.