The assembly of nations did a fantastic job at the outset.

(1986) The League of Nations its life and times 1920-1946, New York: Holmes and Meier Publishers, Page 2] It was the first global system whose primary goal was to maintain world peace and stems from the ideas of Woodrow Wilson's fourteen points....

Why does the United Nations struggle?

This was ironic because the United States failed to join the League of Nations....

The League of Nations was supposed to help keep the peace.

When founded on January 10th 1920, The League of Nations was made up of 24 nations including Britain and France who were the economic haves from the First World War, this meant they had benefited through gaining in land and reparations money in the wake of the First World War....

As his idea took root, it grew into the League of Nations.

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“If the nations want peace, the League gives them the way by which peace can be kept.

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United Nations (UN) is a worldwide organization which sets internationally accepted values and norms of conduct. For the first 45 years, the United Nations lived in the grip of cold war that barred it from fulfilling some of its core missions (Annan, 2000). However, UN has played vital role in resolving conflicts among nations. The United Nations charter identifies mediation as key to settlement of disputes and conflicts (Foley et al, 2011). This has proven to be effective in addressing both inter-State and intra-State conflicts and it remains the world’s major instrument for global harmony and security.

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From a realist and liberalist perspective, UN has not firmly stood on its core values as its previous intentions were. The system has compromised some of its principles to accommodate the members from two main divides, the developed and underdeveloped nations. UN has not offered solution on major issues that result from developed nations like global warming. Oil and nuclear crisis are among the most popular issues that have not been solved effectively as a result of compromise. The organisation has tried to curb environmental degradation but not to its prospect. The agreements at the UNCED 1992 conference in Rio de Janeiro involved many disappointments and were only achieved under continued pressure on governments by Non-governmental organizations (Bontis, 2004). Despite the modern science and technology advancements today, mass famine and diseases have amplified; wars on vital resources have also gone beyond levels which the United Nations can control. The strategies they had put down have proved inadequate to control this urgent state.

Stateless people do not have a nationality and can struggle to realize their human rights.

On January 1 of 1942 United Nations was born.

Today, UNICEF is active in 191 countries all over the world and it helps children have better lives by providing them with food, clean water, education and trying to prevent spreading of diseases like Malaria and HIV/AIDS.

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America does not turn away when another nation is in danger.

The UN is an organization of independent states formed in 1945 to promote international peace and security and, due to its unique international character and the powers vested in its founding Charter, it can take action on a wide range of issues through the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council and other bodies and committees....

It was the first intergovernmental organization that would keep peace and settle world disputes.

This can be clearly seen in the environmental issues.

Originally the demonstrators were conducting their protests in a peaceful manner similar to their neighboring countries that successfully toppled oppressive governments in Egypt and Tunisia.