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Tourist TransportationManagement can help preserve the attributes that attract visitors to arecreational area, improve visitors’ transportation choices, and mitigateproblems for residents and employees, such as seasonal traffic congestion andparking problems.

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Secondary benefits include a reduction in “cruising” behaviorand the opportunity to reinvest new parking revenues in transportationimprovements.

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In response the Transportation Authorityundertook the to assesson-street parking conditions and investigate innovative approaches for moreefficiently managing San Francisco's curbside parking. The study:

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The involvement of the informal sector is not limited to household waste. Reports from within the medical sector suggest that it is a common occurrence for a health clinic’s support staff to sell used medical equipment such as needles to scavengers as opposed to disposing of them through licensed waste management companies. With the recent implementation of a universal healthcare program, the magnitude of opportunities lost to Indonesia’s waste management and recycling sector due to scavengers stands to grow unless steps are taken to lessen the informal sector’s role.

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The upcoming regulation will also obligate companies to provide a guarantee of their compliance to the government in the form of a bank deposit that would be used to mitigate pollution if a company’s waste management system fails to meet environmental standards. The decision to impose more tangible consequences for companies that fail to abide by waste management guidelines is the latest in a growing list of laws put forward by the Indonesian government to combat the effects of a waste production rate rising by 2-4% annually (World Bank). Notable directives include Law No.18/2008, which is aimed at implementing the ‘3Rs’ of reduce, reuse and recycle by requiring homeowners to segregate their waste at the source as well as setting out steps for formal waste handling, and Law No. 32/2009, which requires companies to issue an Environmental Management Statement and have an Environmental Audit as a precondition for other business permits.

Such values mayinclude aesthetically pleasing transportation corridors and pedestrian safety.

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Following on from the previous implementation of laws designed to encourage recycling and other waste limiting practices; the upcoming legislation is indicative of growing momentum in Indonesia to tackle its present shortcomings in waste management infrastructure and facilities. Amid this stricter regulatory climate and increasing demand for comprehensive waste disposal services, foreign investors are presented with new opportunities in Indonesia to enter the waste management and recycling sector.

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Despite what is now becoming a legal landscape conducive to the success of companies in the waste management and recycling sector, challenges brought about by Indonesia’s informal sector continue to dampen the potential of this industry. Business reliant upon the growing supply of waste products must contend with the prevalence of scavengers who depend on collecting, sorting and selling waste for their income. Efforts to educate consumers about the advantages of commercial scale waste management and recycling are often met with opposition from communities unwilling to jeopardize the livelihood of scavengers.