HIS 6332 Seminar on the History of Technology (3 units)

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The entire paper leads to my argument for my thesis.
I'm still explaining Frege's view here.
Road mapping along the way, so the reader knows what's going on.
This is Frege's argument that I will address!

HIS 7331 Seminar on the History of Women and Gender (3 units)

Upon completing the MA and PhD Degrees in the field of History, students will be able to:

Watson, Geoff,1969- Thesis (History)

Thereis little philosophical discussion of the tenability and value of his ideasand such as I have been able to include i3 largely to be found in the briefconcluding section.

Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy

By Philip L. Freier.
Thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the School of Humanities at James Cook University, 1999.

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Thesis On The History Of Philosophy

Philosophy, insofar as it may be correlated at all to a "way of Life", is a form of thinking meant to guide action or to prescribe a way of life. The philosophic way of life , if there is one, is displayed in a life in which action is held to be best directed when philosophical reflection has provided that direction; e.g., SOCRATES the paradigm of a philosopher.

A Mechanist Alternative”, Studies in History and Philosophy of the ..

Frege appears to hold both (a) that thoughts are internally articulated, in a way that mirrors the semantic articulation of the sentences that express them, and (b) that the same thought can be analyzed in different ways, none of which has to be more fundamental than the others. Commentators have often taken these theses to be mutually incompatible and have tended to polarize into two camps, each of which attributes to Frege one of the theses, but maintains that he is only apparently committed to the other. This paper argues (i) that there are good exegetical and philosophical reasons for reconciling the two theses; (ii) that this reconciliation can be achieved by rejecting an assumption shared by the two opposite camps of the exegetical debate, i.e., the assumption that essential articulatedness implies unique articulation; and finally (iii), that this crucial assumption can be resisted by appreciating Frege’s anti-atomistic and ‘organic’ conception of the internal complexity of thoughts.

Time in Walter Benjamin's Thesis on the Philosophy of History

Philosophy is critical and comprehensive thought, the most critical and comprehensive manner of thinking which the human species has yet devised. This intellectual process includes both an analytic and synthetic mode of operation. Philosophy as a critical and comprehensive process of thought involves resolving confusion, unmasking assumptions, revealing presuppositions, distinguishing importance, testing positions, correcting distortions, looking for reasons, examining world-views and questioning conceptual frameworks. It also includes dispelling ignorance, enriching understanding, broadening experience, expanding horizons, developing imagination , controlling emotion, exploring values, fixing beliefs by rational inquiry, establishing habits of acting, widening considerations, synthesizing knowledge and questing for wisdom.

From , chair of the Department of Religion, Philosophy, and Classics at Wayne State University:

Philosophy of education thesis pdf ..

According to Stewart Candlish, Russell and Moore had misunderstood F. H. Bradley’s monism. According to Jonathan Schaffer, they had misunderstood monism more generally. A key thread of the creation narrative of analytic philosophy, according to which Russell and Moore successfully undermined monism to give rise to a new movement is, therefore, in doubt. In this paper, I defend the standard narrative against those who seek to revise it.

HIS 7338 Seminar on the History of Colonialism and Post Colonialism (3 units)

Thesis Philosophy History jonathan evison essay

Due to the dynamic and controversial quality of this area, it is necessary for a prospective teacher to develop his or her personal philosophy of education, whether it is a hodge-podge of several standard examples or one clear viewpoint.

In-depth examination of issues relating to the history of colonialism and postcolonialism.

has been a pervasive feature in the history of Chinese philosophy

A Paper presented to the Second ANU Missionary History Conference, Australian National University Canberra, Australia 27-29 August 2006.
By Ian Welch, Australian National University. [Adobe Acrobat format]